Congress Losses Government in Madhya Pradesh Again


After too many of political drama and law game chief minister of MP Kamalnath resigned from his post before the floor test as per the governer order. Floor test was secheduled on 21st March 2020 but ongoing CM resigned before this test by saying that he doesn’t have numbers now to prove majority in the house.

After resignation of Jyotirao scindia from the congress party on 10th march 2020 too much of political drama has been seen in Madhya Pradesh to save the ongoing government by CM Kamalnath and Dijvijay singh. At the same time former CM of Madhya Pradesh and senior BJP leader Shivraj Chouhan also tried his best to let down the ongoing congress government to form BJP government again in the state.

CM Kamal Nath has been forced to resign from his post because his party’s 26 sitting MLA’s resignesd and hence government losses thier numbers to show majority in the house. After resignation of CM kamalnath BJP started preparing to form a new government in the state.

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