Corona cases are on the rise in India, Govt is on Action

From fast few days coronavirus cases are on the rise in India also. First case of coronavirus was reported in Kerela on 3rd Jan 2020 and after that everything was normal but from the first week of march India started reporting new cases from the different states of the country and Maharashtra is the most affected in India with around 60 cases till now. As on 22nd march, 2020 India has reported around 350 cases in which 28 has been recovered already.

As per the Indian govt. official life, fatalities in India till now from coronavirus is 05. First death from the covid-19 virus has been reported in the capital of the country New Delhi. Central and all the state government is on high alert to stop the spreading of the virus in communities.

PM of India Narendra Modi urges all Indians to impose a Janta Curfew on themself and stay at home only on 22nd march 2020 from 7 AM to 9 PM to break the virus chain, so spreading of this virus can be controlled. WHO has already appreciated the effort of the Indian govt to control this virus in the country. As India is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of the population so public awareness and precaution are very necessary to control this virus and stop spreading it like china.

Most affected country from the coronavirus till now is China, Italy, Iran, Spain, US, and South Korea. But China and South Korea have almost controlled it and reporting very few new cases in the country. Itay has Maximum fatalities from coronavirus, till today Italy has reported around 4500 deaths out of around 50000 cases.

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