Get in Shape this Ramadan With 70% off on Sports Essentials only at Souq

Have you ever wanted to turn your home’s basement into your own gym? Would the convenience of exercising in your own private space wipe out lingering laziness and make excuses for not exercising a thing of the past? Well, has you covered, with their amazing range of fitness products. Not just this, they also provide you with very exciting deals, discounts and Souq offers.

A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. The physical aspect of your health can be taken care of at There are more than a hundred brands to choose from, including premium ones too, like Arena, Nike, York, Reebok, Skyland, Dunlop, Adidas, etc. If you have brand loyalty towards a company, you can choose that particular brand.

Discount offers on Souq

There are currently three different kinds of discount offers running on First is the ‘Today’s Deal’, wherein one can go through all the items that are on special offer for that particular day, and displays them all on a single page. The second offer is the ‘Best of Souq’ offer, which collects the best deals from all over the Souq website. All items collected here will have a massive discount with or without additional offers. The third is the ‘Ramadan offers’, in which various sellers have offered superb discounts on specific items during the Ramadan period.

Discount and deals on Fitness items and equipment

Choose between various exercising and sporting goods, like Treadmills, Weights, and Dumbbells, Exercise bikes and Bicycles, etc. You can also buy Sports Equipment, like Sports Gloves, Balls (for every sport like Basketball, football, etc.), brought to you by more than one hundred different brands, major and minor alike.

If you are still concerned about what to buy, or whether you have the best deal here or not, well, fear not! Listed below are some of the best deals we could find on You will find all the necessary fitness equipment, along with the heaviest discounts down here.

Skyland EM-1242 Treadmill

The Skyland EM-1242 Treadmill is available at a discounted price of 1,339.89 AED, that is one can avail approximately 74% discount on the product. It has an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 too, which means it is a tried and tested product that has satisfied almost every customer who has had one. The only catch is the limited stock, which means if you want this steal of a product, one you need to act fast and buy one quickly.

Pro Solid Treadmill – S11

A slightly less fancy one than the above-mentioned product, Pro Solid treadmill is another solid contender in the fitness equipment category. The product is available at 48% discount, which translates to a final price of 914 AED. It boasts of an approximately 4-star rating. This item too has a limited stock, which has almost finished. Go check out the offer right now!

Dumbbell & Barbell Set, 1 Rod & 2 bar, Weight: 50 KG

Interested in weight training, or even bodybuilding perhaps? Then this 50 Kg set is the object of your dreams. The set includes different weights, all adding up to a total of 50 Kg. You can mix and match weights to suit your needs. There are two bars for individual arm workouts, and there is one long bar for weightlifting exercises. Just like the others, this too has a limited stock. Hence, customers are advised to act immediately if they fancy weight training.

Skyland EM-8003 Single Folding Movable Tennis Table, Blue

The best kind of workout is the one where you are having fun. Thus, it makes complete sense to want to play sports. You can go to a sports club if you like, and wait for other members and players to finish their game before you get a chance. Or instead of that, you can invite a friend or friends over to your own house and have your own personal space for sports. Table tennis is a great indoor sport, and Skyland EM-8003 is a great table for said sport.

Evo-Ride du-bike Folding 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

Exploring the wilderness is another sport you can enjoy outdoors. You can go for a ride near the beach, or in the mountain passes in your neighbourhood. This Evo-ride bike comes with an electric motor, in case you feel your legs tiring and giving up. It is also easy to store and carry around, with its foldable lightweight body.

Vinyl Dumbbell classical head 1kg pair

If bodybuilding isn’t your forte, then you can choose to buy these simpler and lighter classic dumbbells, with irremovable weights. They weigh 2 Kg total, 1 Kg for each dumbbell. These are great for fitness and exercises, while not being too easy or too difficult on the arms. The stock is limited though, and most of it has already exhausted. Click on the link above to go check out the product.

FC Barcelona Soccer ball, Size 2

Soccer fans rejoice! The official merchandise of Football Club Barcelona is here! You can have this beauty for only 31.51 AED a piece, which although expensive, is still a great deal. A wonderful outdoor sport, soccer helps you have a good physique along with marvellous breathing control and stamina. Not to mention the admiration and attention you would attract your fellow fans.

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