Bois Locker Room Viral Chat Issue- Girl Pretended to be Boy

On a social media app, Snapchat a very objectional closed group chat leaked and went viral a few days back named “Bois Locker Room”. Initially, said that Group has been created by some south Delhi teenagers but now a twist is coming in that viral chat after initial investing by Delhi police. DCP said to media that the girl used the “fake identity of a male and suggested in the chat a plan to sexually assault herself” so she could “check the reaction of the boy and the strength of his character”.

Bois Locker Room Viral Chat Issue- Girl Pretended to be Boy
Bois Locker Room Viral Chat Issue- Girl Pretended to be Boy

Bois Locker Room case, screenshots of ‘gangrape discussion’ that were leaked from an online group, comprised of largely South Delhi youngsters, made everyone shocked about the mindset of these teenagers. But as per the latest PTI report among those were a one-to-one Snapchat conversation, with one boy suggesting an “aggravated sexual assault plan” of a girl, said Anyesh Roy, deputy commissioner of police (cybercrime unit).

These seriously objectionable and vulgar chat screenshots leaked on many social media sites like Instagram and Twitter last week. Delhi police had to enter this issue and started investing it and in initial investing police got some very shocking information and now it seems these all have been planned with many fake accounts.

According to the police, the two minors were approached after the screenshots leaked on social media sites. A police officer said that the girl “confessed to the police that she sent the Snapchat texts to test her male friend”. Police said that no case will be registered against either the girl or the boy. “Although creating a fake id is wrong, her intent was not malicious so we are not filing any complaint,”.

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