How Politics & Corruption in Bihar Pulling Down States Growth!


Politics & Corruption in Bihar is Pulling Down the States Growth- The lack of homogeneity in the population of state causes division between different sections of the people based on religion, region, language, caste and race . This has led to rise of random political parties & leaders and many of them just want to make money no matters how.

Parties also target people who are not in favour of other parties and use them as an asset and this forms an illegal works and create many issues . The most widely spread endemic in Bihar or whole India is corruption. Which must be handled quickly and wisely by political leaders & government officials only. There is hardly any government that is untouched from this disease . There is no telling how much loss the economy has suffered because of this.

Political corruption occurs when an office – holder or other government employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain. Corruption is strongly negatively associated with the share of private investment and hence, it lowers the rate of economic growth of state and bihar is on back-foot at many things.

Corruption is creating an obstacle in the development of Bihar from independence of India only but as per the experts it was on their peak at Lalu Prasad time who done politics on the caste only and still Lalu & son’s is doing the same.

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