8 Foods to Avoid During Summer to Stay Healthy


8 Foods to Avoid During Summer to Stay Healthy: Dehydration, dryness, heatstroke and other health problems are common in the summer months. This is somewhat due to our poor or unhealthy eating habits. Many foods in our regular diet can create health and digestive problems; even small amounts of some foods can be hazardous to our health in the summer. As the temperature is rising day by day, we should avoid meals that cause our bodies to heat up from the inside out. So, to maintain good health, find below a list of foods that should not be intake during the summer.

8 Food to Avoid During Summer to Stay Healthy
8 Food to Avoid During Summer to Stay Healthy

Certain food items that not to eat in the summer:

Deep-Fried Or Oily Foods

Oily foods and deep-fried dishes are considered harmful not just in the summer but all the year. During the hot summer months, eating this type of food produces bloating, affects digestion, increases body temperature, and weakens immunity, among other problems. Furthermore, oily foods affect the skin. During the summer, they induce acne, pimples, and other breakouts.

Spicy Food 

Body-heating spices such as chilli, cloves, nutmegs, mustard, pepper, and cinnamon are considered to increase body temperature because these foods hurt the digestive system and cause skin blisters and rashes when consumed in hot months. You must avoid using spicy items in your cooking during the summer.

Many people use garam masala in almost every meal they make. Garam masala is delicious in the winter, but it should be avoided in the summer for good health.

Ginger & Garlic

Overuse of garlic in summer may have adverse effects on the body. As garlic contains sulfur-like gas-forming chemicals that play a key role in causing diarrhoea. Ginger is also on the same list, ginger is a highly spicy food item and eating too much garlic can cause mouth blisters and a rash on the face. It has inherent heat-generating qualities that boost body heat when consumed.

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Tea and coffee

Although coffee and tea might make you feel energised, drinking them regularly in the summer can cause body overheating and dehydration. It’s a good idea to replace green tea or iced coffee can help you stay healthier this summer.

Junk food

It’s never a good idea to eat junk food like French fries, chow mien, rolls, kababs, burgers, or momos, it’s especially important to avoid street food and other junk foods in the summer. They’re drenched in oil and frequently undercooked, raising the risk of indigestion and food illness.

Dry Fruits

Although dry fruits are highly beneficial to one’s health, they should not be consumed during the summer. Dates, raisins, apricots, walnuts, almonds and other dried fruits are high in fibre nutrients that might trigger diarrhoea. Although dry fruits increase body temperature, it could be problematic when the outside temperature is already high, you might want to be gentle with them during the summer season.

Red Meat

Because red meat is abundant in high fats and proteins, it produces heat and is too heavy for the digestive system in the summer. Try not to eat red meat during the summer season. We should avoid eating non-vegetarian food items as much as possible. Eating eggs, prawn flesh, and other similar foods might cause diarrhoea.


Summer is most people’s favourite season since it allows them to eat as many mangoes as they like. These delicious fruits are unquestionably healthful, but overeating can lead to body heat, ingestion, and boils.

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