5 Lesser Known Challenges Indian Working Mothers Face Everyday


5 Lesser Known Challenges Indian Working Mothers Face Everyday: Women know very well that being a working mother in India is not an easy life to lead. Indian working mothers still struggle to manage their multiple duties as employees and mothers. Taking care of children and other family members when at work, at home, and outside the home is equally crucial. Despite these, working women in India often encounter several unknown challenges.

5 Lesser Known Challenges Indian Working Mothers Face Everyday
5 Lesser Known Challenges Indian Working Mothers Face Everyday

Here are 5 lesser-known challenges Indian women face as working mothers:

1. Resuming Work after Childbirth

When after having a child is a good time to return to work? However, mothers stay at home with their newborns for the first six months of their lives. Returning to the profession is challenging because it requires the same level of competence, the ability to multitask, and the mental strength to deal with stress at work, and stress from leaving a child behind, among other things. Because new mothers are usually unknown to understand how they will manage such circumstances, this may be one of the hardest decisions that Indian women who are working mothers must make.

2. Leaving Your Sick Child At Home Alone

There is nothing more challenging than they face being a working mother when they have to leave a sick child at home while they head to work. Because the guilt is so intense, mothers with sick children frequently take time from work to care for their children. This makes it challenging for the working mother to take time off when she needs to rest.

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3. Finding Quality Time

There are moments when all you want to do is relax and spend some time with your child, whether through game-play, or listening to her talk about her day. She misses out on the small pleasures of seeing her child develop and take important steps. Unfortunately, Indian women who are working mothers usually miss out on such valuable time because doing domestic duties even on the weekends requires a lot of planning and effort.

4. No Time for Self-Care

A working woman neglects to take care of herself while juggling her responsibilities as a mother and a professional. In India, it is seen that Working mothers usually ignore self-care. They neglect personal care, skip breakfast, and eat unhealthy lunches. Due to the shame of abandoning their child, they don’t take time for themselves. Even when they are on work leave, they do not have time for pleasure. Simply put, there is no time for oneself.

5. Becoming Overly Concerned with Everything

Not just only child is involved. It involves everything. One of the less-known challenges faced by Indian women who are working mothers is anxiety over everything, whether it is about spending quality time with family or about getting enough sleep. They become anxious every time they are apart from the baby. They experience emotional and physical health problems as a result of the immense pressure to be available and to be a superwoman.

Additionally, there are many additional lesser-known challenges Indian women face as working mothers, such as the need to balance work, family, finance, childcare, household chore, child’s study and other obligations. Also, it is usually expected by society and family that if you don’t contribute equally to your work and personal lives, you’re not doing it right.

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