How To Take Care Of A Child Below 5 Years In Winter Season?


How To Take Care Of A Child Below 5 Years In Winter Season? As winter sets, parents frequently worry that their child has a cold, cough, and other inflammatory symptoms. Children need special care during the winter season. So, it’s more important to consider what you can do to protect them from having such problems, or how to take care of a child below five years in the winter.

How To Take Care Of A Child Below 5 Years In Winter Season?
How To Take Care Of A Child Below 5 Years In Winter Season?

Here are some winter health tips for kids that may help them stay healthy this winter.

  • When it’s freezing outside, give your kids an oil massage in winter. Massage of the body daily promotes blood circulation. Additionally, if phlegm accumulates anyplace in the body, it will be expelled. In chilly weather, you can alternatively massage with lukewarm oil. It aids in the development of the baby’s muscles.
  • Give a child a sponge wash with lukewarm water instead of bathing them in water every day during the winter. If you’re giving your child a water bath, it shouldn’t be more than five minutes.

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  • Don’t forget to massage the child with a mild warm oil before bathing them. Make sure to apply a good moisturiser to your child after every bath.
  • If your child is between the ages of two and five, then feed him warm fruits and vegetables according to the season and feed them home-cooked food and avoid giving him anything from the outside. Home-cooked food gives them the strength to fight diseases. Along with this, try to add eggs, almonds, cashews, raisins to their diet.
  • If your child is breastfeeding, continue to feed him/her every two hours. It nourishes them and protects the body from the inside out.  Breastfeeding boosts immunity and protects them from all types of infections.
  • Do not overload your child with excessive sweaters and jackets. Keep their soles, their palms, and their ears and head covered. Because a child’s skin is sensitive, dress them in cotton first, then only in sweaters. When you’re out in the cold, make sure her head and hands are covered, and clothe babies in multiple layers of warm clothing.
  • Sunbath is very important for a child’s good health. Give your child a sunbath for some time in the morning, it may also protect them from common cold and cough in winter.
  • Close the windows and doors to the child’s room in the morning and at night. You can open it if it is sunny during the day. Use the room heater sparingly. The heated air from the room heater is irritating to their skin.
  • When using a room heater around children, don’t use it excessively. Overheating in the room can harm your baby’s health and dry out your baby’s skin, so have a humidifier in the room restore some of that moisture to your room and your baby’s skin.
  • Keep your child hydrated in winter to feel them better and also prevent cold and flu symptoms. If your child may not be as thirsty, encourage them to drink enough fluids during winter.
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