Why do Indian Women Hide Personal Life Problems from their Families?

Why do Indian Women Hide Personal Life Problems from their Families? The life of an Indian woman is associated with a secret life. In contemporary Indian society, this is indeed a serious problem. Women hide many of the problems in their personal life for a variety of reasons, including having an inferiority complex or being constantly criticized for their life decisions. Either they are not proud of it or lie to you for other reasons.

Most of the time, women’s hearts and minds disagree, due to which they hide certain things not out of fear but because they value those things in their personal lives. Or some key point they do so to avoid pressurizing or harassing them.

Why do Indian Women Hides Personal Life Problems from their Family?
Why do Indian Women Hide Personal Life Problems from their Families?

This blog tries to analyze the personal life problems of Indian women which they hide from their families. Let’s read them closely…

Domestic Violence

Most women in India experience domestic violence, which is a serious personal problem that women often endure. But despite this, women are always active, and due to respect and expectation, they are ready to compromise even in the harshest of challenging situations. There are many places where women are used to being abused by their husbands for petty reasons, but sometimes, she makes eye contact with her husband to stop the conflict. Though she doesn’t let it get on her face, she is internally against the choice. They even work relentlessly to rectify the situation without relying on their family.

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Health Concern

It is a social problem to put women’s health and welfare second in practice, especially when they leave home to work to meet the financial needs of the household. Most women do not share this problem with their families. She never fully exposes her illness to them because she doesn’t want her husband or family to be upset after learning about her condition.

Sexual Preferences

Due to their fear of being humiliated, Indian women find this subject to be extremely sensitive. Because of this, they advise discussing sex outside of the bedroom and letting her know what you like and don’t like. Indian women never talk to their partners about their sexual preferences and, how they feel in those intimate moments. They never tell the whole truth about this.

Personal Successes

Indian women don’t talk about their successes enough because they don’t want to feel like they are competing with their husbands because they believe that talking about their success or achievement interferes with the male provider role.

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Psychosocial Burden

Women in India experience psychological burdens, often recognized as a normal part of life in these socio-cultural standards. Psychosocial stress rarely affects women’s general well-being in India. The term psychological burden refers to the state in which an Indian woman is able to recognize her potential, manage daily problems, do useful work and serve the community which they never share with their families.

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