Indian government removed full ban over export of Hydroxychloroquine


To fight the coronavirus pandemic many countries like USA, Brazil, Britain are now looking for Hydroxychloroquine in bulk which is anti-malarial drugs and from many recent medical research this drug is somehow beneficial to fight again deadly coronavirus. As india is the biggest manufactures of this drug so many countries is now looking towards india to export it to their countries.

Previously Indian government had put a full ban on drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Paracetamol due to COVID-19 and decided to reserve it for the country’s need but now India has removed its full export ban and now allowed partial exports after the request of American President Donald Trump. Now India has decided to deliver it to their neighbor countries and to the most affected countries with coronavirus.

Indian government removed partial ban over export of Hydroxychloroquine
Indian government removed partial ban over export of Hydroxychloroquine

In a recent speech, USA president Donald Trump told the media that he has a great discussion with PM Modi over call regarding drug export and India should remove the full ban on the export of Hydroxychloroquine because the USA needs it urgently in bulk. And as a positive and helpful gesture removed it ad foreign minister addressed media for the same.

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