How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby at Home?

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby at Home? The arrival of a baby is a special blessing and it brings a whole new level of excitement to you. Not only do you feel incredibly happy, but you also have a ton of babysitting duties. But if you are unsure about what and how to take care of the newborn baby at home, you can use the following methods to provide the best possible care to the newborn.

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby at Home?
How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby at Home?

Hold Your Newborn Baby Properly

Firstly, when you hold your baby, never forget that your newborn baby’s body is susceptible, so you must hold him/he with extreme care for the first six months. Whatever method you choose; you will need to support your newborn’s head while carrying her. Also, hold her head against your shoulder or with your opposite hand.

Breast Feed Your Newborn

A baby needs enough milk and enough sleep during the first few months. Be sure to feed your baby whenever he asks for it, whether you breastfeed him or use formula. New-borns tend to be hungrier at night because new babies require more frequent feedings, take note of your baby’s feed-me signals or feed her every 2 hours at intervals.

For the first six months, only breastfeeding should be performed on your newborn baby. According to studies, breastfeeding stabilizes an infant’s heart and respiratory rates, enhances oxygenation, controls body temperature, and fosters growth.

Burp Your Newborn Baby

While breastfeeding, the newborn has a tendency to swallow air frequently, which affects the baby’s digestive system. It is important to assist the baby in expelling the excess air. Place your newborn on your lap, hold her head and chest with one hand, then gently pat her back to release the trapped air in her belly.

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Umbilical Cord Care

The umbilical cord care of a newborn is an important part that needs to be cleaned and properly cared for to avoid inflammation. By the way, the umbilical cord often changes from yellow to dark brown, then after two weeks, it falls off on its own. If it hasn’t dropped and has redness and signs of infection, you should take the child to the hospital immediately for a check-up.

Baby Massage

Oil massage your baby help sleep better, feel more at ease, and have healthier skin. Massage can also improve your baby’s digestion and boost their immune system in addition to easing their stomach discomfort symptoms. It is also the best way to build your bond with your infant.

When massaging your infant, make sure the room is warm enough for your baby. Begin by massaging the baby’s feet, then slowly massage the top, bottom, and entire body.

Baby Bathing

Bathing a newborn is another sensitive task you need to be extremely careful. Choose a mild cleanser that is specially made for babies, make sure you have all the necessary bathing equipment on hand before you begin, like a bathing tub, baby soap, warm-clean water, a soft towel so on. If your baby weighs less than 2.5 kg, give your infant a sponge wash and wait until they are at least one month old before applying any lotions or oils.

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The diaper is the item that typically comes into contact with the newborn baby’s skin. You must choose diapers from good brands and with a definite origin to prevent the risk of allergies and skin diseases for your baby. If the diaper is ruined or wet, you must check it immediately and change it to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

After changing the baby’s diaper, grab the used diaper and crisscross the fasteners to roll it into a little ball. Put it in the garbage box and wash your hand.

Keep Away from Public Places and Guests

Make sure your newborn stays the first few months at home. As newborns are more likely to contract an infection, so limit visitors to your home, especially those who are ill, and stay away from crowded areas. Before interacting with the infant, all visitors should wash their hands. Make sure the place you are visiting is safe for your newborn.

Your newborn baby should be kept in a clean and safe environment for the first few months. And be more careful with the safety of the baby. Never leave your newborn alone at home or in the room for a long time. Make sure you have everything she needs before taking her anywhere that doesn’t bother you or your baby.

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