Anjali Arora Viral MMS Leaked Video Controversy-New Case


Anjali Arora Viral MMS Leaked Video Controversy-New Case: The internet flooded with the news of Anjali Arora, the second runner-up from the reality show Lock Up, filing a defamation case against those responsible for tarnishing her reputation with a leaked morphed MMS video. Let understand viral mms video controversy.

Who is Anjali Arora?

Anjali Arora rose to fame through her participation in the reality show ‘Lock Up,’ hosted by actress Kangana Ranaut. Her popularity surged on social media platforms, boasting a substantial following of 13.2M on Instagram, along with appearances in numerous music videos.

Anjali Arora Viral MMS Leaked Video Controversy-New Case

What was the viral mms video the controversy of Anjali Arora?

However, Arora’s reputation took a hit when an AI-generated morphed video allegedly surfaced on social media, damaging her image and purportedly impacting her career prospects. Despite facing the leaked clip, Arora found herself constrained from taking immediate action as she was reportedly engrossed in the reality show during that period.

Case filed by her

Facing relentless challenges, Arora’s case recently saw a glimmer of hope as she pursued legal recourse against the perpetrators. The leaked video not only stained her reputation but also stirred speculation about her involvement in the controversy, complicating matters further.

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The case of Anjali Arora’s leaked morphed video underscores the darker side of AI’s misuse and its repercussions on individuals’ lives. As the legal battle ensues, Arora’s quest for justice sheds light on the need for stricter measures to combat such cybercrimes and protect the dignity of internet personalities.

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