How To Get JioCinema Premium Subscription Free (Updated)


Know how you can get JioCinema Premium Membership free: As we know, JioCinema has already been successful in welcoming huge traffic to its website through IPL and is on the way to be OTT leader in India and abroad with it’s very attractive and competitive subscription plans.

Recently, JioCinema will be introducing 3 subscription plans: Daily, Gold, and Platinum.

1. Daily plan- This plan will allow customers to stream on 2 devices for Rs 29 which will be offered for Rs 2.

2. Gold plan- This will be 3 monthly gold subscriptions of Rs 299 will be available for Rs 99 allowing users to stream on 2 devices simultaneously.

3. Platinum plan- This will allow users to stream on up to 4 devices for Rs 1,199 but will be discounted to Rs 599 for a full year.

This plan includes an ad-free experience as well. As JioCinema is competing with Netflix, Hotstar and Prime Video , it decides to bring 100 films and TV shows on the platform. It is expected that JioCinema will introduce the additional content before the IPL ends. JioCinema has already attracted more than 22 million viewers on the platform during an IPL matches in 2023.

How To Get JioCinema Premium Subscription Free (Updated)
How To Get JioCinema Premium Subscription Free

Advantages of JioCinema App Premium Memership:

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, then a Jio Cinema premium subscription is a great option. You will get access to exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and high-quality streaming.

  • Exclusive content: Premium subscribers get access to exclusive content that is not available to free users. This includes movies, TV shows, and original content.
  • Ad-free viewing: Premium subscribers can watch Jio Cinema content without ads.
  • High-quality streaming: Premium subscribers can stream Jio Cinema content in high quality.
  • Access to all the HBO and WBD content
  • Streaming up to 4K resolution.
  • Simultaneously stream on four different devices with the same account.

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Can I use JioCinem app without ad? Asnwer is – Yes, Follow steps mentioned below to Use JioCinema App Without Ads?

This is exclusive method & trick to turn off every ads showing in JioCinema App. Follow each steps carefully to use this method

  1. First of all just open the ‘Settings’ app in Your phone
  2. Now search for ‘DNS
  3. Click open ‘Private DNS
  4. Now again select ‘Private DNS provider hostname
  5. Write down this in url box –
  6. Click on Save button
  7. Restart the JioCinema app now & done !!
  8. You will not encounter any ads in JioCinema app now
  9. You can follow same steps in Mobile, Laptop, Smart TV

How To Get JioCinema Premium Membership?

  • First, visit the official JioCinema website or app on your device.
  • Then, on the top, tap on Subscribe option.
  • You’ll be presented with the subscription page, where you’ll see the Rs 999/- plan.
  • Click on the Continue & Pay Rs 999/- button below.
  • Enter your phone number and press continue.
  • Choose the payment method and fill in the required details related to debit/credit cards or UPI.
  • Once paid, your premium membership will be activated.

How to get Jio Prime Membership free for new users only:

Here are the steps by which you can get the Jio Prime Membership free if you are a new user.

  • Click here to download the Jio Money app
  • Register on Jio Money.
  • And generate your Four-digit-m pin For better safety.
  • By doing a recharge of Rs.99 from Jio Money, you will become a member of the Jio Prime Family.
  • Now you are Jio Prime Member, recharge your account according to need, and enjoy the services.
  • Once you are a Jio prime Member, then recharge your account with Rs. 303 or higher value.

Free JioCinema Premium Membership for Voot Select Users:

If you are Voot select (premium) user, then here is best new of the day for you. You can easily get JioCinema free premium membership without paying even single rupee. Just follow the below steps to claim your free premium membership.

  1. Open you Whatsapp & send SMS to below contact number
  2. JioCinema help center : 8169567366
  3. Just send ‘Hi‘ message there
  4. Instantly you will get reply with JioCinema Premium promo code
  5. Now copy the code
  6. Download the JioCinema app & login into account
  7. Click on ‘More
  8. Again click on ‘Subscribe now
  9. Click on apply promo code
  10. Enter the promo code , you have received
  11. Done !! Your Free JioCinema premium membership will be activated instantly.
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