How Instagram Reels and Other Short Video Platforms are Killing Your Time Insanely?


How Instagram Reels and Other Short Video Platforms are Killing Your Time Insanely?: There are many apps that upload short videos, like Instagram, MX Takatak Josh, and many more. People using these apps to upload short stories of theirs through reels to be famous and earn money too. Instagram is one of the top four social media platforms in the world. Instagram sees at least 1 billion active users every month. On Instagram, a brief video that tells the entire tale does so in a few minutes. Whatever the genre—art, comedy, cooking—the video.

How Instagram Reels and Other Short Video Platforms are Killing Your Time Insanely?
How Instagram Reels and Other Short Video Platforms are Killing Your Time Insanely?

All these apps are popular with people, mostly between the ages of 15 to 35 years. Upon considering this kind of reel, people become attracted to it quite quickly. Due to fame, business promotion generates revenue and fun, people are becoming extremely easily drawn to this kind of reel. Even if these reels provide us with a lot of entertainment, there are some drawbacks.

Let’s see How Instagram reels and short videos are killing your time?

Mobile Addiction

The smartphone is a part of our daily lives these days. Everyone in the same household, from the little ones to the elderly, has a smartphone, and for whatever reason, they are always plugged into it. Children for educational or entertainment purposes, the elderly as a result of medication because of yoga, or for fun due to news or entertainment for adults, the female recipe for entertainment’s sake. As a result, mobile devices are increasingly essential to us. A third of young people are believed to be addicted to their mobile devices, according to a study.

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Ongoing Entertainment

A significant source of entertainment is now mobile. Most short videos and reels on Instagram amuse viewers. In addition to watching, there is fierce rivalry over submitting clips to Instagram and similar apps. Because so many people are creating accounts on these apps daily and uploading brief movies to them, it has such an impact that individuals stop working and start making reels. As a result, there is much more competition. And individuals are constantly concerned about which content would be the finest in providing superior material to one another. As a result, they waste a lot of time doing this.

Stray from the target

Some people submit brief films on these applications with the intention of becoming famous. So they spend so much time watching and creating these kinds of filmed videos, most of the students also have to deal with losing out on their education as a result. Because these reels have such a deep psychological effect, sometimes they deviate from their desired task and are also not aware of killing time.

Recognizing what is right and wrong

There are many videos on Instagram in which people advertise their plans or sell their stuff where people are engaged in such advertising all day, even if they do not know anything about right or wrong or fraud, just keep on wasting their time watching reels and videos on Instagram.

Glamorized Appearances through Filters

All short videos platforms including Instagram has some inbuild filters to make everything looks beautifiable and attractive on your mobile screen and creators over use these filters use it insanely to show his/her good faces and attractive body only. Specially female creator use these filter features always to look glamours and attractive. People over there got attracted to theses fake beauty content easily and don’t mind to kill their time to keep watching these reels for hours.

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