Some Serious Side Effects of Smartwatch for Children


Some Serious Side Effects of Smartwatch for Children: Over the past few years, smartwatches have gained popularity. Smartwatches often link with a smartphone, enabling users to make calls, send and receive messages, check their fitness, and use other features. Children are especially fond of having advanced technology like smartwatches on their hands.

The smartwatch is essential for ensuring your child is active, secure, and having fun in the modern world. Some smartwatches for kids typically come equipped with speakers, microphones, cameras, and even GPS trackers. These devices are made to provide parents with the opportunity to track their kids so they can make sure they are safe. But like with any advanced technology, there is serious concern about the negative impacts that it may have on kids.

Some Serious Side Effects of Smartwatch for Children
Some Serious Side Effects of Smartwatch for Children

This article will discover potential side effects kids could have from wearing smartwatches.


Particularly for children, smartwatches can be a cause of distraction. Your child can be engaged every time into it due to frequent messages or alerts. This could result in less productivity or even safety issues, impacting his concentration on studying or performing other tasks.

Emit RF Radiation

Numerous studies have proven that smartwatches produce RF radiation, the risk of which increases with proximity to the source. Some studies show that the radiation from smartwatches has several negative effects on children’s health. Some of these effects are long-lasting, while others are temporary. Users of smartwatches may experience temporary side effects such as headache pain, skin rashes, and difficulties concentrating within the first two weeks of use.

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Susceptible to Damage

Smartwatches are susceptible to damage and are not as durable as you might expect; your child might easily damage theirs. Depending on your child’s age, certain smartwatches have long-lasting durability, while others—even those that are water resistant—will shatter, be lost by kids, or sustain water damage.

Eye Strain

Children’s eyes might become tired after staring at a small screen for a long time. The research found that wearing a smartwatch with its small screen caused higher strain on kids’ eyes than using a bigger phone. Moreover, the smartwatch’s display releases a lot of rays that might damage a child’s retina.

Privacy issue

Numerous personal details, like your location, contacts, and browser history, may be gathered and stored by smartwatches. It may cause your child uncomfortable and pose privacy issues.

Health Issues 

Smartwatch use might also adversely impact your kids’ sleep, focus, and memory. In the long term, they may have detrimental effects on your health. The use of these gadgets over a prolonged period may cause memory loss and poor attention. Some people have reported severe headaches and nausea after wearing the smartwatch for a long period.

Blue Light Effect

Studies have shown that using a phone right before bedtime disturbs sleep. Using a smartwatch also all day and even at night might affect your ability to sleep since you cannot protect your eyes from the impacts of infrared light.


One of the major impacts of a smartwatch is that your nerves no longer feel weary after exposure to radiation for an extended length of time. Because of this, your child’s mental stress and dissatisfaction slowly increase.  So it’s normal to behave irritably.

Several precautionary measures can help protect your kid from any potential negative consequences, including:

  • Ask to take a break to remove the smartwatch whenever your child is at home.
  • Adjust screen brightness by reducing the screen brightness on the wristwatch to ease eye strain.
  • Adjust your smartwatch’s settings to reduce notifications and calls.
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