6 Mistakes New Mothers Make After C-Section Delivery


6 Mistakes New Mothers Make After C-Section Delivery: C-section births, commonly referred to as caesarean deliveries, are a popular method of birthing nowadays. You could also hear in your family or from others in your community that 7 out of every 10 mothers deliver their babies through C-section today. However, there are many things that new mothers should do carefully to protect their health as caesarean sections need more care than normal delivery.

6 Mistakes New Mothers Make After C-Section Delivery
6 Mistakes New Mothers Make After C-Section Delivery

A typical mistake causes new mothers’ health conditions to last a lifetime and is difficult to recover from. Additionally, these tiny, unnoticed mistakes result in long-term health problems for the mother.

This blog aims to make readers aware of common mistakes to stop women from making them during a C-section delivery.

Here are 6 things you absolutely must not do after a C-section delivery:

Mistake 1- New mother does not keep their body and head covered

Wear full-length clothing and also cover your head. No matter the season—summer, winter, or rainy—cover your head and try to wear clothing that covers as much of your body part as possible and also cover your head for at least 2 months following a C-section birth. It’s now time for your internal body to repair. Your body becomes more susceptible to cold, weakening your bones and creating muscular cramps and pain. It may take a week for your surgery stitches to heal but it may take longer for the rest of your body to get normal again.

Mistake 2 – Sitting in one pose for more than an hour

Sitting for an hour after a caesarean may have long-term repercussions on your bone and muscle. Your upper and lower backbone, in particular, will be adversely affected by these unfamiliar routines. All bodily parts become extremely weak and sensitive after surgery. As was said before, surgery affects every part of your body, therefore you must take care of everything first three months after a C-section delivery since internal recovery takes time.

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As difficult as it may be to sit with your infant for an extended period, don’t stop nursing. But it’s beneficial for your kid and expedites your recovery for several reasons.

Additionally, the mother herself and other family members could not notice these simple things, which might fatally weaken and cause them problems for the rest of their lives.

Mistake 3 – Taking a bath daily after c-section delivery

Although taking a bath is important to maintain daily hygiene, it is best to avoid doing so for a month or two after having a C-section. People who live in hot climates may find it difficult to follow, but doing so for at least two months will significantly impact your health in the long run. Instead of having a regular bath each day, you may take a sponge bath. Since your body has already started to swell after a caesarean, showering may do more damage than good to your general health. Mothers who are nursing may also be more susceptible. Daily bathing might make you more susceptible to newborn cough, cold and other problems.

Mistake 4 – Lifting weights 

Never carry or lift anything heavy that might put a strain on your stitch, excluding your infant. Observe this guideline even three months after giving birth since internal healing takes time. Instead, try stroller-pushing in the park or strolling with your child in your arms.

Mistake 5 – Doing exercise or massage right after delivery

Avoid starting an exercise or massage regimen right after having a C-section Delivery. Early pressure on the abdomen might be detrimental and result in bleeding. Starting massage or exercise just after a few days of delivery may trigger your internal health as well as incision. So You must wait six months or until your doctor approves.

Mistake 6 – Failing to have a healthy diet after having a C-section delivery

The mother’s diet after childbirth becomes crucial since she must feed the newborn child in addition to helping her recover quickly. Another significant mistake made by women was rushing back to a regular diet only 3/4 months following a C-section delivery. As a result, they don’t adequately recuperate their bodies, which causes several health issues after birth.

 Some additional recommendations for new mothers who had a C-section delivery

  • Stick to light and easily digestible foods for two to three weeks following discharge because a C-section frequently knocks your digestive system and causes acidity.
  • Constipation is a typical problem. Ensure you are adequately hydrated; applying pressure to your abdomen while the incision is still healing might be dangerous
  • Maintain your sleeping routine, of course, it is very difficult to do that but you should ask for help from your family member so that you can take enough sleep which helps recover your mental and physical health.
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