Sanitary Pads Advantages & Disadvantages

Sanitary pads, often known as sanitary napkins, are one of the oldest and most widely used forms of menstrual hygiene management. However, slight negligence in the use of sanitary pads can harm your health; here in this article, the Pros and Cons of using Sanitary pads are discussed in detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sanitary Pads:

Sanitary Pads ProsĀ 

Easy To Use: Most women tend to find it more comfortable to use pads for years, making their use and disposal much easier. Pads are a convenient and easy-to-use option for those who are new to the world of menstruation.

Easily Available: Unlike other incontinence equipment, sanitary pads are available in practically every pharmacy shop, retailer, and even supermarket store. Furthermore, the products may be purchased without a prescription, making them broadly available.

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Convenient: Pads are convenient to use and the most popular products used by urban women. You may keep them in your handbag for use on the go, and you don’t need to put anything in them to wear them overnight. They are safer to use during heavy bleeding because they absorb more and maybe change anywhere there is a washroom.

Better Hygiene: It’s easier to change a pad, but the rapid flow needs frequent absorbent changes. In such situations, a sanitary pad is preferable in a heavy menstrual flow.

Available In Variety: Incontinence pads, like menstruation pads, come in a broad range of sizes, shapes, absorption powers, and other features so, you may get a lot of options to choose what is perfect for you.

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Sanitary Pads are quite safe to use. Pad ensures no risk of TSS developing because women who use pads are less likely than those who use tampons to develop TSS.

Sanitary Pads Cons

Sanitary pads can indeed work wonders in a woman’s life. However, along with their benefits, certain sanitary pads can have disadvantages.

  • Cotton isn’t used in all pads. Some pads are made of synthetic materials and contain chemicals that bleached to look clean and white, which may cause wetness, blockage, and be prone to severe health issues.
  • Sanitary napkins cannot use more than 4-5 hours, it might cause bad odour, rashes, and itching can make it difficult to walk.
  • Although some pads are bulky, some are thinner than ever, which is more likely to be visible under certain clothes.
  • Most sanitary napkins are not eco-friendly, and they include artificial perfumes for odour removal, which are neither natural nor good.
  • When you wear a pad for a long time, it causes rashes, pain, and a block in airflow to your vaginal area, which increases the risk of bacterial infection and skin illnesses.
  • You can’t swim in a pad because may float on while you’re swimming.
  • Because the sound of peeling pads off your underwear is so sound they aren’t discreet.

Furthermore, Sanitary Pads are convenient to use, good for health. It is always recommended that choose sanitary pads that are breathable, securely packaged, and made of high-quality materials. You may get sanitary pads that are super absorbent, soft, and extra-long, allowing you to say goodbye to all of your period Problems.

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