How to avoid breast cancer? breast cancer early signs, when to consult a doctor?

How to take care of breast to avoid breast cancer? When to consult a doctor? Its early signs – Breast cancer incidence has risen significantly over the last decade. Although environmental factors, poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, use of birth control medications, and genetic factors, all play significant roles in increasing breast cancer symptoms.

There is, however, a lot of positive news concerning breast cancer these days. Treatments are getting better nowadays and, there is a strong focus than ever on breast cancer prevention.

How to take care of breast to avoid breast cancer? When to consult a doctor?
How to take care of breast to avoid breast cancer?

Taking these considerations, this article presents eight healthy steps listed below that can help reduce the risk of Breast Cancer.

1. Regular Exercise

When it comes to any health condition, exercising for at least 30 minutes every day has been linked to a lower risk of various health problems, including breast cancer. It has been proved that women who engage in regular exercise have a 20% lower risk of developing breast cancer. Make sure you engage in 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days a week. Regular exercise is not only one of the greatest ways to avoid breast cancer symptoms, but it also benefits your overall health.

2. Intake Healthy Diet

Food is important for overall wellness. A healthy diet can help prevent the risk of developing breast cancer. Consume plenty of fruits and leafy greens while avoiding charred meat, unfermented soy products, and sweets. Make healthful food options and limit your consumption of refined, processed, and fatty foods. Consume plenty of iodine-rich foods, as well as foods high in vitamin A and D, and naturally fermented foods

3. Quit Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Women who consume alcohol in huge amounts and smoke are at a higher risk for breast cancer. If you have any concerns, you should immediately stop smoking and drinking to prevent breast cancer. Excessive use of smoking may result in various health hazards, including breast cancer.

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4. Self-examination

Self-examination is still an effective method of preventing breast cancer. It is very recommended to examine the breasts regularly at the same time. Common signs or changes to look for include: lumps, thickening anywhere in the breast, unusual swelling, change in size, color such as reddening or darkening of the breast, unusual pain itching or scaling, sudden discharge, rashes, dimpling of the skin etc. finding all these factors may help reduce the chance of developing breast cancer.

5. Excess Body Weight

Obese women, according to studies, have a higher chance of developing postmenopausal breast cancer than normal lean ones. To maintain a healthy weight, choose a regular workout regimen and try to keep active throughout the day.

6. Breastfeeding

If you are a new mother, do not quit breastfeeding for whichever reason. Breastfeeding for a year or longer prevents your risk of breast cancer and helps to keep your breasts in good form. In addition, breastfeeding keeps both you and your baby healthy.

7. Regular Clinical Examination

If you have any concerns and a family history of breast cancer; it’s better to have a medical examination. The earlier you are diagnosed, the earlier you can prevent yourself!

8. Know About Your Family History

Are you aware of your family’s history? Because most cancers are genetic, it is critical to be aware, if your family has a history of breast cancer. If someone in your family has or has had cancer, you may be at a higher risk. Consult your oncologist, who may be able to help you prevent early symptoms of breast cancer

When to Consult a Doctor in case of breast dificluties?

You should consult your doctor right away if you notice any of the following symptoms, which might be warning signs of breast cancer:

  • Breast pain/ tenderness
  • Breast lumps or thickening
  • Changes in size & shape of the breast
  • Swelling and redness of the breast skin
  • Changes in the color and shape of the nipple
  • Breast skin blemishes
  • Breast rash is a kind of skin rash that appears on the breasts.
  • unusual Nipple discharge
  • Breast peeling and scaling
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