Is Indian media biased or paid? – A must read article!

As we all know and always found saying many people that media is the 4th pillar of democracy but do you ever think why media is called 4th pillar of democracy? Answer is very simple – because media report about people & their concern social issues and bring it in the view of running government of state and country for betterment/development.

But main point comes here – is everything fine in media/news houses, is Indian media are playing their role perfectly in the democracy? What you think what will be the answer? Guess…guess…. For me it’s a big NO. And reason is very clear nowadays media or news reporting agencies are no more running with reporters now they are running their news company with a classy well maintained news presenter and fixed ideology of any political party.

Then what about our news and democracy 4th pillar concept? It is still same but with different type of ideology, if some media house find any news against their ideology then there is strong possibility that they won’t report it or twist it in some other ways as they want. It mean’s single news can be presented in many ways by targeting the audience and here media kills true journalism and 4th pillar of democracy.

Let’s take an example of zeenews and ndtv both the news channels runs over very different ideology and both have different views and political connections. As we all know zeenews is owned by BJP RS MP Dr. Shuhash Chandra, now do you think they will ever go against BJP anytime, in other hand NDTV has some connection with congress party so do you think they will ever praise BJP government. Even reporters (now a days news presenter in AC rooms) have their own view also, they see and comment on any issue or event as per his/her ideology and here again true journalism and 4th pillar of democracy killed.

And one of the biggest sting operation (operation 136) on Indian media over paid news by cobrapost exposed them all very badly and after watching all the sting operation videos by cobrapsot you won’t trust on any Indian news channel anymore.

So how we can’t say Indian media is not biased or paid, yes they are. Directly or indirectly all the news houses are paid or biased on different ideology.

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