India America Deal After PM Modi US Visit Can Enhance Defense and Technology of India


PM Narendra Modi is seen to be the most experimentative PM in the history of India. Also, there is a great dependence on the people of India on every initiative he takes. His bold decisions so far have made him increasingly popular among the people. The recent visit of PM Modi to U.S.A is seen to be a crucial development in terms of technological advancement. Many India-America deals are being anticipated.

The meeting between U.S.A President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Modi is believed to bring about a massive advancement in the Defence and Security Technology of both the countries as they have decided to work on it together. Some of the expected deals can be the USA’s sale of the Sea Guardian unmanned Aerial Systems, the sale of F16 and F/A 18 fighter aircraft, Apache attack helicopters and C-17 aircraft.

Besides, PM Modi showed his support for the US by asking them to be a participant in the annual MALABAR naval exercise held in the Indian Ocean along with Indian navy and Japan maritime force.

Mr. Trump welcomed the proposal and said it will be vital in exchanging new ways and exercises as well as strengthening shared maritime objectives. This is expected to elevate the maritime security cooperation between the two nations to a massive extent.

India America deal after PM modi’s visit

PM Modi’s has also emphasized on the ways by which the trade of the two nations can benefit from each other. He stressed on how Indian consumers and companies can create new jobs for Americans. Sending high skilled Indian workers to the US is another way India can benefit America with.

Also, the two nations have decided to work hand to hand to counter terrorism which included talks with Pakistan as well as China considering the increasing terrorist threats over US and India for the past few years.

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