How to Protect Your Girl Child from Sexual Harassment?


How to Protect Your Girl Child from Sexual Harassment – Important Things to know: Girl-child sexual harassment is a severe issue that affects practically every country in the world. This problem resides in most of the countries including India. Every girl child has to be shielded from improper behavior’s and an unfavorable environment, and this can only be accomplished if parents give this critical subject considerable thought before bringing their kids up. In such a setting, where it is crucial to teach children the importance of sex education, education is the only line of defiance. Parents can help girls defend their safety and their limits by making sure they know the right coping skills.

How to Protect Your Girl Child from Sexual Harassment?
How to Protect Your Girl Child from Sexual Harassment?

Below are some tips you must consider as a parent to protect your girl child from sexual harassment through basic education:

  • First and foremost, it’s critical to teach your girl kid about boundaries and to emphasize that their body belongs to them. Make sure she is aware that, if she feels uncomfortable being touched by anyone, not even a family or a cousin, she has the choice to refuse. Remind your child that if someone doesn’t want to be touched, they don’t have the right to touch them.

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  • You should always try to check things that what kind of play your child engages in whenever they go outside to play or to any other location with friends.
  • Make sure you turn on parental controls for your cable networks and give your acquaintances, particularly those that your child frequents advice.
  • From an early age, teach them how to properly bathe their private parts and warn them not to let anyone, not even you, touch those places.
  • Child sexual abuse and personal and sexual safety must be discussed with children.
  • Never let your child visit an adult with whom you or she does not feel comfortable, and keep an eye out for signs that your child may have grown too attached to one particular adult.
  • Make sure to teach your growing child the proper sex values. If you don’t, society will inculcate incorrect values in them. Speaking about the media, it is common for the press to report on and depict instances of sexual violence. To start a discussion, ask your child questions about this coverage.
  • Teach your kid how to escape uncomfortable or frightening circumstances. Tell your child to let anyone who asks to touch or see their privates know that they must go to the restroom.
  • Most parents miss educating their children about the safety of private body parts. Parents must teach their children about the value of never taking photos of their private areas, it puts their children at risk in many ways.
  • To avoid exploitative or manipulative relationships, it’s essential to teach your kids the concepts of a healthy relationship and how to show love and intimacy in healthy ways.
  •   You also need to protect the girl kid from potential harm that may have resulted from such illegal or possibly irresponsible behaviour on the part of relatives, neighbours, uncles, and other older people.

Although it is entirely the parent’s responsibility to safeguard their daughter from such circumstances, it is also vital that all kids understand sexual harassment and have the knowledge necessary to defend themselves in such a situation when their parents are not present.

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