Development of Bihar – Why More Girl Child Need To Be Educated

Bihar is an underdeveloped state in India because of the poor education system and poor economy. Here the main obstacle is the lack of proper education in the child, especially in the girl children. Still, a huge amount of people think that only the boys deserve the education to grow in career and be a good human being.Development of Bihar - Why More Girl Child Need To Be Educated

But the girl’s education is highly important and crucial for the development of states like Bihar or even the development of the nation . There is a very famous saying in Africa which says,‘ If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a woman’. In the light of an above mentioned axiom, empowering the girl itself with the education is the best and the wisest option a state or a nation could have empowering itself.

Hunger, employment, poor standards of living, poor education, etc . are still lingering on in the developing states like Bihar which force people to migrate to other developed states like Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Gujarat. Empowering a girl child with education is the only panacea. An educated girl will have the power to make her dreams come true. With her education, not only she will be benefited, she will spread the light of education all around her.

It’s also very much true Bihar is one of the fastest-growing state in India as per the government records but still many things need to be fixed. The goal of complete advancement is not possible until each and every individual becomes not only highly educated but also highly skilled. This task can only be accomplished with the girl’s education and contributions. So, empowering a girl child with education is the best investment a state or a country can make.

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