Buying Mobile Online – Flipkart or Amazon For Best Discount & Cashback Offer

Flipkart or Amazon For Best Discount & Cashback Offer on Mobile – Whenever there is a new phone in India, Flipkart & Amazon, these are the two major sites which are roped in as their online channel delivery. Flipkart & Amazon are the best for smartphones as most of the phones are available exclusively on these sites.  Also, you can get additional offers an exchange in return.

Buying Mobile Online - Flipkart or Amazon For Best Discount & Cashback Offer

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Flipkart or Amazon For Best Discount & Cashback Offer

All the sites are making an effort to give the best price and keep the top quality. Both sites are being equally good, It relies on you that which company phone you want to purchase and what is your price range. Rest all the above companies will fulfil your expectations, some factor is also involved like as cost, your location, and brand.

However what separates Amazon and keep it at the top is its Gold standard Customer service. It has high top quality product, better assurance and best customer care services. Amazon has the ability to achieve each and every corner of the nation. Prices are low in comparison with another site such as snapdeal and Flipkart. Segments such as electronics, gadgets, books, home appliances are best to choose with. Amazon, as they have many warehouses all over the country with comparison to flipkart which ultimately provides you the mobile phones at much reasonable price. Also, there customer services are very fast and hassle-free.

Flipkart is also better among all, Flipkart very reliable and customer support, never fails to satisfy the needs of the customers while you shop through Amazon it’s very difficult to return back if there’s any problem in the delivered item especially, electronic goods. It is my personal experience, shop through Flipkart.

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