Leaders Who can Generate Innovative Ideas to Change the World?

With the job market being saturated with a lot of individuals who have a bachelor’s degree, it is hard for a person to find a job. Some individuals who have a good GPA in their bachelor’s degree will be offered a job role but the others who do not have an exceptional GPA will find it hard to land a job offer. These individuals can eventually land a job offer, but they will have to try a lot and put in a lot of effort to get it, as they need to convince the companies that hiring them would be a good investment for the company. 

This is why it is important that people start considering applying for higher studies. Having a higher education certification will allow companies to understand that the candidate has some experience in being able to handle a heavy workload and that the candidate has some managerial abilities. This will make the employer feel that hiring the individual is the right decision and is a good investment for the company. Higher studies such as MBA courses or M.Tech courses will make job finding an easier task for a few candidates.

Leaders Who can Generate Innovative Ideas to Change the World?
Leaders Who can Generate Innovative Ideas to Change the World?

The most sought-after postgraduate degree by a lot of companies is the MBA ( or Master’s in Business Administration). This is a professional postgraduate course that will educate students/candidates in developing skills necessary for a managerial position at a company such as delegating work to employees under the individual, handling a team, leading the team to reach the specified targets well within the deadline.

There are a lot of colleges that offer the course. In India, there are very few colleges that offer an MBA where the syllabus consists of topics that are constantly updated. Some universities in India are SRM University, Jain University, IIM, etc. The management course is for a duration of 2 years, however, some universities do offer courses that can be completed in just a year. The course is designed to teach candidates core business subjects along with managerial courses such as analytics and human resources. Some colleges also have a specialization within the course and this specialization will design their career path.

It is important for candidates to decide what they would like to do and where they want to be in the next few years before doing the course. Otherwise, the individual will end up with a job that he/she does not appreciate and this is not beneficial for anyone. There is no specific discipline that the candidate should have graduated from to pursue the MBA course. This is why it is important that the candidate considers what his/her career path is going to look like if they take up this course. A bachelor’s degree in any discipline will provide an individual with entry-level skills which is all good. But these individuals will not be trusted with high-level complex tasks at the company as this is not beneficial for the career development of an individual. Having a master’s degree, the individual is considered fully equipped with skills that will allow him/her to handle complex tasks and handle a team also.

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Having a master’s degree, the individual would be considered an asset to the company and would be provided with perks that employees with only bachelor’s degrees will not be provided. Usually, in management courses, individuals are trained in soft and hard skills that will allow them to analyze any team issues, management issues, etc. During the course, students will learn a lot about entrepreneurship skills which will help them start-up companies from scratch and build it into an enterprise. Students in universities such as SRM University, Jain University, IIM, etc are constantly encouraged to enhance their entrepreneurship skills and management skills by taking part in hackathons and other management events.

Having a master’s degree is beneficial, and having an MBA is extra beneficial as it allows individuals to grow and develop a fruitful career. The job opportunities that come after completing an MBA degree course are immense. However, with the growing popularity of having an MBA degree, every person is applying for the course. This will again lead to a saturation of people with an MBA degree. Hence, it is important that an individual considers the pros and cons of studying in a Master’s for Business Administration course. If a person rushes into getting an MBA, it will just lead to a job where the person is continually disinterested and again, this does not benefit anyone.

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