Coronavirus Vaccine latest update, when you will get it?


Coronavirus Vaccine: The spread of coronavirus certainly has shaken up the entire world. With the rate at which this virus has been spreading and killing people, to stay under lockdown and follow social distancing has been the only outcome so far. But thankfully, by end of this year, the Covid vaccine soon shall be available to major countries. It has also been noted that there are more such dozens of vaccines that are in different stages of testing currently going on. This includes China, the US. And even Britain. The known US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci further stated in his report that he is hoping to get this vaccine by end of the year or maximum by early 2021.

There are so far many wealthy countries that have already placed millions of doses order on the experimental basis. Talking of which US and Britain standards to be on top to have invested in the vaccines. Vaccines by AstraZeneca are what they are soon hoping to arrive in their country. If it works then UK politicians have claimed to supply it to Britons who soon shall be vaccinated along. Besides the US is also expected to stockpile it along with other vaccine investments which they have been making so far.

Coronavirus Vaccine latest update, when you will get it?
Coronavirus Vaccine latest update, when you will get it?

What is this Vaccine all about?

Now you may wonder with such a huge number of people already struggling in these pandemic crises, your turn to get the vaccine may take time. Well, this is only the restriction, for now, to make sure more death rates shall be controlled. However, this vaccine shall at least give our body a better way to fight against the infection and ensure that at least in the future we don’t become the victim of such a virus or can deal with it in a less deadly way.  The vaccine seems to be safe but it has the requirement of the storage to be done at less than -70 degree temperature. It will then be transported in a certain box which shall have dry ice along with the GPS tracker too.

What do the results say?

So far, in the UK, it has been noted that on 2nd December, it was the first one to approve the BioNTech coronavirus vaccine to be used for the widespread. So far, this vaccine has been out in some corners of the UK and seems to have given better results. They have shown:

  • Nearly 95% of effectiveness in the UK
  • There has been due to 40 million doses for the people awaiting
  • This vaccine is given in two doses and with a difference of three weeks
  • More than 40000 people already had taken this vaccine without any further drawbacks associated with it.

The authorization of the vaccine shall be made only for the emergency purpose by the Heath care and medicine products and regulatory authority. The power to such authority was given for considering the vaccine approved by the government to be made under the special regulation which was before 1st of January the movement, it shall be completely responsible for the medicines authorization in the United Kingdom. However, it shall of course have a lot of clinical trials and data analysis that experts will make to come up with a conclusion on whether the vaccine has managed to meet the safety standards along with better effectiveness and quality too.

Now comes the Big Question: When Will you get it?

Depending on the country you are reading you shall get the vaccine sooner. However, it is already out in the UK on 2nd December and soon it shall be available in the US too. Besides, within the same country as well, you shall expect the delay possibility as the system of the vaccine control shall prioritize groups as per the ones who are at the huge risk from Covid-19 or are key workers too.

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