Why Do Many Young Female TV/Movie Stars Committing Suicide Nowadays?


Why Do Many Young Female TV/Movie Stars Committing Suicide Nowadays? The previous year end of September, it was reported that the famous Kannada actress Saujanya committed suicide. This information stunned everyone because she was just 25 years old. After that in December, all of a sudden, there is news of a TV star’s suicide case. At the age of 20, Tunisha Sharma, a famous television actress known for her roles in plays like Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, killed herself.

Why Do Many Young Female TV/Movie Stars Committing Suicide Nowadays?
Why Do Many Young Female TV/Movie Stars Committing Suicide Nowadays?

There have also been several other incidences of young TV/movie female stars’ suicide cases have been reported. Can you figure out the reasons behind the suicides of famous people? Let’s read this article to find out what the causes behind it are.

Although, it’s hard to determine the exact reason why these young female stars committed suicide. According to media reports and other sources, it was discovered most of them were suffering from several issues related to suicide, one of which was mental health problems.

Possible Causes of Young Female TV/Movie Stars Committing Suicide From Tunisha Sharma to Pratyusha Banerjee:


Depression is a significant risk factor for suicide. Millions of people the in the glamorous world live with depression. While some cope with managing daily life with symptoms of depression.  In depression, the patient loses hope and gets buried in emotional pain. Yet not everyone who is depressed has suicidal thoughts. Suicide can be the result of a mental illness like depression. The National Institute of Mental Health reports half of the suicide-case adults experienced a major depressive episode in the previous years.

Marital Conflict (Conflict in Relationship)

As Indian society is socio-centric, interpersonal ties are valued highly. So, it is not unexpected that marital conflict is the leading cause of suicide in women, while this relationship conflict is the leading cause of suicide in young females too.

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Trauma-Related Stress

Trauma in life, such as rape, sexual assault, or physical assault, can also lead to suicide. Traumatic stress is the name for the strain brought on by such violent or traumatic situations. As a result, one becomes powerless and lorn. Parenting style, a family history of mental illness, as well as physical abuse, are all risk factors that are tied to the family which may lead them to this step.

Vulnerability, support, coping, and problem-solving models must be seen in the context of how stressful life events, unpleasant relationships, and stress also connect to suicide.

Unemployment or jobless

Due to factors like poverty, social isolation, family issues, and pessimism, including unemployment, the chance of suicide may rise. Because people with mental issues are more likely to be unemployed and have a higher chance of committing suicide, this might be a double-relationships word for them.

The discrepancy between current and long-term unemployment—the former being associated with higher risk—adds to the complexity. This relationship between unemployment and suicide may be especially significant for youngsters.


Alcohol or any drug intoxication is another main factor that leads to young female TV/Movie stars committing suicide nowadays. An intoxicated person can commit suicide on impulse due to some stress or grief. This disorder proves more dangerous in patients with depression or any other psychological disorder.

Some Other Suicide Triggers

Additional factors that might lead to suicide include physical disease, financial ruin, and illegal relationships. The high prevalence of suicide linked to sexual assault and illegitimate pregnancies is an intriguing result that is uncommon nowadays. This can be a result of Indian cultural taboos surrounding sexuality.

Have you recently had a particularly stressful incident in your life that you feel you cannot manage? Losing a loved one, fighting in your first combat as a military officer, ending a relationship, receiving serious medical issues, the burden of a loan, or becoming the subject of a lawsuit are a few examples of this.

Conclusion: According to research that found at stressful life events, almost 90% of female suicide attempters reported having had horrible experiences. It might be difficult to interpret the significance of life experiences, though. After all, everyone encounters challenging or undesirable life circumstances.

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