Food Items To Avoid After Pregnancy, Postpartum Diet and Exercise


Postpartum Diet, Food Items To Avoid: It is common to see mothers take great care of themselves during pregnancy to ensure the health of the unborn babies. But, it is vital to look after oneself after giving birth because her body requires time to heal and return to normal after delivery. It’s also essential to pay close attention to their diet just after delivery. It’s because eating certain foods soon after delivery is not only bad for the mother’s and her child’s health, but it can also cause lots of new problems for both. So, this article will tell you about what not to eat just after labour/delivery?

Food Items To Avoid After Pregnancy, Postpartum Diet and Exercise

Food Items To Avoid After Pregnancy, Postpartum Diet and Exercise
Food Items To Avoid After Pregnancy, Postpartum Diet and Exercise

Certain types of fish

Although fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, certain fish like Swordfish, tilefish, and king mackerel have high levels of mercury, such fish foods are strictly forbidden to eat for a few days after giving birth, and breastfeeding mothers should avoid them as well.


It is said that drinking cold water after delivery causes illnesses such as colds and coughs. Instead of drinking cold water, warm water and warm beverages are linked to the healing process that promotes a speedy recovery. Drinking warm water also speeds up the womb shrinking to its usual size, whereas cold water is thought to slow down the process.

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Caffeine or coffee

Avoid caffeine or caffeinated beverages as much as possible. It may affect a mother’s ability to make better decisions and provide good care for her child. If you have any concerns, see a doctor.  Do not take any medication without consulting your doctor.

Oily and hot spice food

Foods high in calories, fat, sugar, salt, and often low in nutrients, such as chilli and other spicy foods, should be avoided at all costs. Even after delivery, limit your intake of fried, and spicy foods. Spicy foods can cause harm to your infant baby if you breastfeed. Desi Ghee is beneficial to your health. However, if the baby was born via caesarean section, it should not to eaten just after delivery, eat only after consulting the doctor.

Some food items that produce gas

Foods that produce stomach gas, acid reflux, or excessive burp should be avoided. More country ghee, carbonated beverages, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, more spicy food, fried food, and rice just after caesarean delivery are strictly prohibited, as they induce gas and many other difficulties. There’s also a chance of flatulence and stitching difficulties as a result of this. Such food items can be harmful to both the mother and the newborn’s health.

Eating certain foods, such as raw bananas, toor dal, pork, potatoes, bakery items, maida, and peanuts, among others, might cause gas in the stomach. They should be avoided at all costs.

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Junk food or processed foods

Skip all junk food, such as burgers, pizza, chips, cake and other unnecessary items. Having cold drinks and ice cream are also unsafe for both the mother and baby. Avoid raw mango and lemon first few days and for several days post-delivery.

What are the best foods to eat after giving birth/labour?

  • Eat foods that will provide you strength and energy for the day and nutrients that will aid in producing breast milk if necessary.
  • Intake of whole foods such as oats, lentils, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread.
  • Add poultry, fish, beans, seeds, nuts are all good sources of lean or low-fat protein.
  • Include yoghurt, milk, and eggs are examples of low-fat or fat-free dairy products and vegetables like spinach, carrots.
  • Don’t skip prenatal vitamins or switch to postnatal vitamins.

These are only a few food items that should be included in the daily diet just after delivery.

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