Less Polluted Areas In Delhi NCR

Less Polluted Areas In Delhi NCR: There has always been a lot of media coverage in channels on Delhi’s environment as the world’s most polluted city and the effects of pollution on people’s health.  There is no single region in Delhi and the NCR that isn’t polluted. Despite being India’s most polluted city, some parts of Delhi NCR have more greenery and lower pollution levels than the rest of the city.

Less Polluted Areas In Delhi NCR
Less Polluted Areas In Delhi NCR

Greater Noida

So far, Greater Noida is the least polluted area in the Delhi NCR. Greater Noida has considerably less pollution than the NCR and other metro areas. It’s a clean and peaceful region to live in as it has more greenery, less traffic, and a lower population density.

However, there is no official data available, but local residents reported that the areas outside of Greater Noida are even better. The air quality is pure and fresh everywhere. There is a way to get away from the suffocating pollution.

Moreover, if you prefer the least polluted areas in Delhi NCR with lower population density, Greater Noida’s Omega and Chi-phi sectors are ideal. Greater Noida is the least polluted sub-city in the Delhi NCR.

R K Puran and Okhla

According to the Delhi Pollution Control Committee’s study, Okhla Phase 2, Lodhi Road, Pusa, RK Puram, and Nehru Nagar are among the city’s less polluted areas.

The pollution levels in Lodhi Garden and its surroundings,  Pusa Institute are always low due to the least traffic during the day.

Similarly, some areas in Delhi, such as Paprawat, Dichaon Kalan, Dindarpur, and Gopalnagar, are comparably less polluted than other areas due to the abundance of open spaces and lower vehicular.

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Some parts of Delhi NCR are cleaner and have more greenery than others part, but the air quality is not improved, and pollution levels are similar to the rest of the region. Because the population of Delhi NCR is constantly rising, the rate of construction and traffic is also increasing, making it difficult to find a less polluted place anywhere in the Delhi NCR.

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