Why do Indian females love to watch Saas-Bahu TV serials too much?


Why do Indian females love to watch Saas-Bahu TV serials too much? Because most of the females get their daily dose of entertainment by watching these Saas- Bahu TV Serial, as these shows are so popular among Indian females. If you’re still wondering why women enjoy watching Saas- Bahu TV serials, ‘let’s take a look, what are the fascinating facts behind these TV serials?

Why do Indian females love to watch Saas-Bahu TV serials too much?
Why do Indian females love to watch Saas-Bahu TV serials too much?

Emotionally attached with the character

Because such television serials frequently contain emotional scenes, Indian women are more prone to be emotionally attached to the characters in such series. They love watching Bahu, Beta, and other characters who have been significantly affected. Mostly, the serials focus on common issues that almost every family faces, they even begin to relate to them with the present scenario, what may have happened if they had the same problem in their family.  As a result, females become attached to serial characters.

They keep females entertained at home

Saal-Bahu TV serials are one of the most popular forms of entertainment that keep females entertained at home, and they like spending time watching them. As a result, most Indian females are overly fond of the Saas-Bahu TV serial.  You never protest since it is in your best interests for them to spend time with you so that you may have some alone time.

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They can get a custom of fashion trend from the show

In the TV serials, they may observe a lot of the current fashion trends, such as new trend costumes, jewelry worn by various actors & actresses, and luxurious weddings. They might simply learn about the latest market trends by watching such Indian TV serials. Apart from that, they learn a lot of other festivities and cultural ideas from watching it.

These serial are broadcast at a specific time

Because Saas-Bahu shows are broadcast regularly at a fixed time, females may find it easier to schedule a time to watch them. If they miss an episode, they have the option of seeing it again the next day in the afternoon. Some women are addicted to these types of serials. They even finish their household chores on time and enjoy watching TV shows. Furthermore, these programs are shown throughout the week, allowing them to stay engaged with the show. That may be the main reason that females love to watch Saas-Bahu TV shows too much.

Females are more interested in social or domestic politics

Some females are generally more interested in the conflict of the Indian Saas-Bahu drama show. A catfight is something that some females like watching. However, not all serials are based on the conflict between Saas-Bahu relations, some are focused on excellent bonding between Saas and Bahu, which may motivate them towards positivity, and they may connect to their current situation or anything going on in their environment to make parallels. This is why they are drawn to serials too much.

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