What do women like or notice in men at first look?


Things that women notice in men at first look: Most men think that women like guys who have money, luxury car, and great looks. However, this is not always true. We’ll tell you what women seek in a man at first sight.

Let’s check here, what women like in men at first look and discover the various factors that may elevate you over a simple blip at a woman’s first sight.

What do women like or notice in men at first look?
What do women like or notice in men at first look?

Your Outfit’s Style

The way you dress says a lot about what kind of person you are. The style of pants/ denim, shirt or t-shirt, as well as the colour of your apparel, draw a woman’s attention. It’s not for no reason that women spend so much time getting dressed; they understand that what you dress sends an impressive signal about your personality.

Physical appearances with Personal Hygiene

The first thing that a woman like in a guy is his overall physique! She finds afterwards what type of person the man is on the inside. Height and weight are also at the top of the list of things that women pay attention to a man. Personal Hygiene is something that women pay close attention to at first sight. If a woman sees any lack in your vibes like dirty nails or a single strand of hair sticking from your earlobes, body odour or grubby facial hair, or yellow teeth, you are unlikely to be able to make it up in any other manner.

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Especially in the eyes, most women give preference to such men who talk directly by looking at their eyes. Without your knowledge, your eyes reveal the most information about you,  if you’re serious, hilarious, or just overconfident about something, it reflects on your eyes.  Women are warier than men who do not look them in the eyes while talking with them.


After examining your entire look, women usually look at your smile. A fascinating smile of a man is a strong indicator especially, in the first meeting, that sends a positive message to women. It’s a terrific technique to impress a woman if you combine that smile with seductive eye contact.


Another vital thing that women like in men, at first sight, is their body language, particularly guys who communicate with a broad intellectual vocabulary. Women dislike males who use every other word with an abusive term.

There are plenty of additional things and factors to examine. Most of the first impression is based on looks. Your looks are the first thing women notice about you.

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