Top 5 Problems Faced By Working Women in India


Problems Indian Working Women Face Daily: Every woman wants to work to be an independent in this modern world so that she may not have to open her hands in front of anybody for their needs, but balancing professional and personal life, especially after marriage, is difficult for practically every woman, and she has to deal with the various problem daily. Not only this, from mental stress to lack of family support, gender bias to poor security, there are many other problems that a working woman has to face on a daily basis.

Top 5 Problems Faced By Working Women in India
Top 5 Problems Faced By Working Women in India

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 problems that working women face on a daily basis:

  1. Difficult Work-Life Balance

Women must care for their families and children in addition to their careers. No matter, how much money she earns, women have to perform domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking every day. She is responsible for fulfilling all of her family’s expectations, which may be particularly difficult for women with little children. At the same time, she has to meet a slew of official criteria and deadlines to maintain their position. Working women face a lot of stress in their daily lives as a result of their many occupations, which need them to be exceptional at all they do.

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  1. Gender Biases

It’s tough to think that women are capable of coexisting with males in the workplace. In Indian society, male dominance is promoted in all significant, and difficult professions, but Women are considered weak and unable to bear the pressure of work. For many women, their entire salary has to be given to their husband or father-in-law, or other family members, and their freedom is just a figment of their minds.

  1. Poor Security

Another issue that working women face is a lack of job security. Women working in business and other private organizations are more likely to be victims of various workplace crimes due to the lack of security afforded to them.

  1. Mental and Physical Stress

Women are subjected to mental pressure also in the workplace, with many males believing that women are incapable of completing office chores properly. In the workplace, women are frequently perceived as weak and defenseless, prompting male colleagues and superiors to assume that they may take advantage of their female co-workers and subordinates.

  1. No Assistance From Family

A lack of family support is another issue that working women face in their daily life. Women may not always be encouraged to leave household chores to their families and go to work.

They also oppose women working late in the office, claiming that it degrades their performance and halts growth. Even though working women manage their professional life by dealing with competition and obstacles at the office, and their personal lives by juggling housework, children, family, and cooking, social duties are still considered primarily a job. They have to work a full-time job while also taking care of all of the household tasks that they used to handle as a stay-at-home mom. As a result of women’s multitasking endeavors, they experience more stress.

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