Indian Citizen Can Travel to these 10 Countries Without Visa Hassles


Visa Free Countries for Indian Travelers: Having visa-free access makes travelling abroad for vacations and business trips not only affordable but also considerably smoother. Also, you do not have to rush to travel agencies or stand in line at Embassies saves you a tone of time.

Fortunately, 60 nations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and Oceania do not require a visa for Indian citizens to travel there. In this blog, we present the best ten visa-free countries where you can find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your exhilarating vacation. If you want to visit these destinations, you can do so without a visa.

Indians Can Travel to these 10 Countries Without Visa Hassles

10 Best Visa-free Countries for Indians to Visit

  1. Mauritius

A popular tourist destination is famous for its clean beaches, natural lagoons, and stunning coral reefs in the island nation of Mauritius, which is accessible to Indian citizens without a visa. Indian nationals do not need a visa to travel to Mauritius for tourism, vacation, or to see family and friends. For Indian passport holders who want to travel to Mauritius for business, such as to attend conferences, meetings, exhibits, seminars, or engage in other commercial activities the country offers visa-free travel opportunities for 60 days.

  1. Maldives

Indian citizens do not require a pre-arrival visa if they intend to travel to the Maldives for vacation. Just make sure you have all of your valid travel documentation. It is simple to fall in love with a destination because Indian nationals receive a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival at the airport. In fact, not only Indians, but all nationals are also eligible for a 30-day visa upon arrival in the Maldives. There are no hidden costs or fees related to it.

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  1. Jamaica

Jamaica is a magnificent example of a tropical island, complete with lush, mountainous, sea beaches dotted with coral reefs, and vibrant nightlife. If you’re considering travelling to Jamaica, you can now relax and let your concerns fade. The best thing is that Jamaica is one of the nations where Indian citizens do not require a tourist visa for stays up to six months.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world and is situated in Southeast Asia. Indian tourists are permitted entry into the nation without a visa and are allowed a 30-day stay. Only a visa exemption stamp from the immigration desk is required which is free of cost. If your vacation will last more than 30 days, you have to apply for a (Visa On Arrival) visa when you arrive.

  1. Nepal

Home to the highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest, India’s neighbour country, Nepal does not require any kind of visa from citizens of India. In fact, Indian nationals can enter this beautiful, tranquil nation without even having to show their passports. You need only have a valid ID with a picture to enter the country.

  1. Qatar

For up to 30 days, Indian nationals can visit Qatar without a visa. Upon their arrival, they can obtain a visa waiver, effective for 180 days starting from the date of issuance. It is appropriate for both one-time and repeated journeys.

  1. Seychelles

Wonderful Seychelles is a visa-free nation, thus anyone desiring to travel there can do so without requiring a visa, with the exception of passport holders. The passport has to be valid for the duration of the desired stay until returned to the holder’s home country. A visitor’s permit is given to visitors coming to Seychelles for holiday, business, or to visit friends and relatives.

  1. Cook Island

Famous for providing snorkelling and scuba diving, this island also offers to explore the enormous lagoon and numerous coral reefs to its visitors. An Indian citizen can visit cook island without a visa for tourism and stay there for up to 31 days.

9 Macao/Macau

A fascinating fact about the world’s richest place is that a visa is not necessary for Indians to enter Macau if their stay is less than 30 days. However, in order to enter Macau without a visa, visitors must make sure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of their stay.

  1. Grenada 

Indian nationals can visit Grenada without a visa and remain for a maximum of three months. Indian nationals can visit the Grenada immigration desk after arriving and provide their travel documents and passports. You can easily enter Grenada and stay there for as long as your entrance stamp allows.

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