JEE Advanced 2018 – Mock Tests Released by IIT Kanpur to Facilitate Preparation

IIT Kanpur, the conducting body of JEE Advanced 2018 released mock tests on its official website to facilitate candidates preparing for the exam. Practicing with mock tests, along with self-studying and adopting holistic approaches is indeed important to achieve success in competitive exams.

It is knowledgeable that there are a huge number of online coaching and tutorial websites that provide their own mock test series. However, most of them are just based on previous year sample and question papers without any addition or changes in the syllabus and paper patterns. Therefore, it gives even more importance to the official mock tests released by the official source. Without even a second thought one stands to benefit gradually by practicing the mock tests as it enhances one’s knowledge, speed and accuracy level and finally lead towards a good score.

One of the biggest changes in upcoming JEE Advanced exam is the mode of the examination which will be online (computer-based test). Earlier it was conducted in the offline mode only. Of course, the offline and online mode are different in terms of question layouts, overall structure and answering mechanism. For instance, in the upcoming computer test, examinees can switch between different subjects and sections, change the already attempted answers and also can choose the language for individual question (Hindi or English).

In addition to this, the number of unattempted and attempted questions will also be displayed on the computer screen while solving the mock test.  So, with this change it becomes another reason for the aspirants to be familiar with JEE Advanced mock tests as they proffer an opportunity to practice the changed exam format before the actual exam.

Mock tests will be available in Hindi and English just like the actual exam. One need not require any login credentials for practicing the mock test, unlike JEE Advanced where it’s needed. For these mock tests, one can just simply go to the official site and click on sign in and follow the instructions to begin.

JEE Advanced 2018 - Mock Tests Released by IIT Kanpur to Facilitate Preparation

Benefits of JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Tests

Writing a mock test is just like attempting the actual exam and therefore it plays a very crucial role for the exam preparation. And if the mock tests are released by the official site it serves as the cherry on a cake as then it will include all the latest pattern, syllabus and questions of the same level. Let us now look into the uses of practicing JEE Advanced 2018 mock tests:

Time management

Firstly, those solving the mock tests can manage their own exam time through ample practice. This is because of the knowledge acquired about the type of questions and paper pattern through regular practice. Sometimes, the candidates leave out certain lengthy questions due to the lack of time. This scenario can be avoided through mock tests. It becomes easier to understand which question takes time, like mathematical or some logical ones etc. and one can work on such parts accordingly.

There is also the facility of a timer on the computer screen in JEE Advanced 2018 mock tests. Also, the number of questions attempted and unattended for each section and overall exam are displayed on the same screen. Therefore, a regular practice can surely boost up the confidence for the day.

Question Patterns  

Secondly, any candidate stands to benefit immensely by getting a good idea about overall question paper pattern through JEE Advanced 2018 mock tests practice. Though the question differs but the similarity between them stays. A knowledge about the possible type of questions help to be prepared in a better way. One can also work out how much time is required for each section. Overall, this helps a candidate to be familiarized with the actual exam environment.

Better Revision

Additionally, solving mock tests help a candidate to cover as much topics as possible from the relevant syllabus. So, an automatic kind of a revision takes place in this way. A good analysis of the mock test outcome can be done to familiar oneself with the weak or strong points and about the areas that requires more attention. It is a better and organized way to cover important topics for the exam.

Speed and Accuracy

Practice and self-analysis enhance one’s preparation and the biggest achievement is the gain of speed and accuracy level at the same time. In this way, the chances to make mistakes reduces while doing calculation. Anybody who becomes well versed need not spend much time thinking the answer for any particular question. So, this is also like a stress buster while writing the actual exam too.

To Analyze and Plan for ‘The Day’

Lastly, all the above preparations aid a candidate to prepare and devise own strategies on how to attempt the actual exam. Mock tests bring in ways of finishing various questions and sections within the given time frame. In case of lengthy calculations, one can work out shortcuts or short notes to remember important abbreviations. It is all about customizing one’s way to secure better marks by developing personal methods for the exam during the preparation.

So, it’s easy to see how practicing the official mock tests can help to ace JEE Advanced 2018. Hope this quick peek at mock tests and exam preparation helps for your big day. In the end, gain your edge, make the best of your preparation time and give this exam your best shot.

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