How many children you should you have as a working couple?


How many children you should you have as working couple? When both husband and wife are working, it is very important to think about how many children would be good to have. But, whether you want one, two, or more children, remember that each one comes with its own set of responsibilities. But modern couples nowadays believe that having only one child is enough, which is absolutely good, because of the following reason.

How many children you should you have as a working couple?
How many children you should you have as a working couple?
  • If the parents just have one child, they will not have to sacrifice their careers to provide for their children because they will be able to continue their profession. In other words, parents can spend more time and wealth on their single child.
  • It is easier for working parents to have only one child. While some may argue that this cannot be true because parents are solely responsible for entertaining their children, having a single child allows for a more controlled environment.

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  • Parenting is a lot of effort, especially for working mothers and when they already sacrificed a few years of their careers to raise their first baby. It may be tough for the woman to find the correct balance between a job and raising the second child.
  • Most couples find it difficult to fulfill the demands of even a single child in today’s fast-paced, competitive economy with minimal assistance from extended families, especially in big cities, when both partners are working. Parents may find it easier to groom a single child in such circumstances.
  • A single kid develops a strong bond with their parents and enjoys a positive relationship with them. The single child receives the best of everything, both material and non-material things. An only child is more self-sufficient. A single kid receives his/her parents’ full attention and has not compared to other siblings.
  • ┬áThere are also some benefits of having a single kid, your kid will be just fine as he or she will never have to compete for attention, will learn to play alone and expand his or her creativity, and will never have to worry about toys being misplaced or broken. Despite this, parents of single children face some difficulties; the child’s understanding of sharing and caring is likely to be impacted.
  • If both of you are working it is preferable to have one child rather than two. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every family, because parents must balance a variety of responsibilities when both working. Your personal, medical, and financial well-being may all play a role in deciding how many children you want to have.

Raising a child is a joint duty for both husband and wife, and only when you are ready as parents should you consider raising more than. It is entirely up to you to raise a child in the way you desire.

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