Why Do Indian Women Wear A Blouse With Saree Always?

Why Do Indian Women Wear A Blouse With Saree Always? – Indian women’s clothing fascinates not only India but people all around the world. Saree is one of the traditional clothing of women in India and a blouse is a part of it. When a woman wears a saari, she wears a blouse to cover her upper body and it helps to drape a sari perfectly giving her outfit a complete look. It is necessary to wear a blouse with a saree; ladies can forgo wearing a bra, but they must wear a blouse to look nice. You can’t wrap your sari properly without a blouse, and you’ll feel uncomfortable or as if something is missing from your sari.

In Bengal, however, ladies did not wear blouses under the saari during the Victorian era. It was Jnanadanandini Debi, the wife of Satyendranath Tagore – brother of the famed Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, who popularised the trend of wearing blouses and petticoats under saari, after she was apparently refused access to clubs. During the Victorian era, the British terms blouse and petticoat or a modern style of wearing saari,  have made their way into Indian tradition.

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The blouse is part of a saree combination that matches the upper portion of your body that also covers your breast and back. It aids in the fastening of the saree’s over-the-shoulder part. However, most women desired transformation and a more appealing appearance over time. The saree is the most sexist garment in India, and it is made more elegant by wearing different designer blouses today.

Indian women wear a blouse and petticoat under the saari to make saari perfectly draped. It’s because blouses can make or break a sari’s appearance. Whether, you have the most beautiful saree in the world but if you will not wear a blouse or if you will pair it with the incorrect blouse, your entire outfit is ruined!

There are many different designs of blouses available in the market today including Designer Saree Blouses, unique Lehenga Cholis, readymade blouses, lavishly embroidered blouses, sequined blouses, and bridal blouses, in-vogue bustier or jacket-style blouses, and many more. Even, when paired with a simple sari, this designer blouse enhances your appearance.

A saree isn’t complete without a blouse, when wearing a saree or lehenga, a blouse, also known as a choli, is a short, fitting blouson that is part of the traditional dress of India. Blouses and sasris go well together. For practical reasons, one without the other is usually of little use. You may easily spend a lot of money on such blouses unless you get designer ones. Blouses are all you need if you want to wear something that flatters your figure and is reasonably priced.

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