10 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy, What Not to Do During Pregnancy?


10 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy, What Not to Do During Pregnancy? Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for a woman. From good health to good eating habits, everything is taken care of during pregnancy. Similarly, there are many such things that should not be safe to do during pregnancy. As health and safety are a primary concern for both the woman and the developing fetus, so it is very important to know, What not to do during pregnancy.

Here we are discussing “10 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy” Apart from alcohol and smoking, let’s overview the list below that should be avoided during pregnancy for sure to have healthy and happy motherhood:

10 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy, What Not to Do During Pregnancy?

1. Do Not Eat This Food and Beverages

Foods included in the list of Not To Do During Pregnancy such as Raw or Uncooked Seafood and Meat. Raw seafood, including oysters, mussels, and clams, as well as undercooked beef and poultry, may be contaminated.

A woman should avoid eating mercury-rich seafood such as shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish.

Smoked seafood such as lox, kippered fish, jerky, or salmon, should be avoided as they may contain listeria. On the other hand, smoked fish that is shelf-stable or canned is probably good.

Raw Eggs: Raw eggs can cause a risk of salmonella. Foods containing raw eggs, like homemade Caesar dressings, Hollandaise sauces, mayonnaise, and certain caramels, should be avoided. 

Soft Cheeses: An unpasteurized dairy may carry listeria, some foreign soft kinds of cheese are prepared from unpasteurized milk including Mexican cheeses like queso Blanco and queso fresco, etc. not safe to eat during pregnancy.

Caffeine: Consuming more than 300mg of caffeine per day may risk for a pregnant woman, it increases your blood pressure, heart rate, and the number of times you go to the toilet. Also, caffeine may cross the placenta. Caffeine may be found in chocolate, sodas, and even certain over-the-counter medications, in addition to tea and coffee.

2. Heavy Lifting

Back pain is common during pregnancy. So, Lifting big weights might put you in danger in such a circumstance. Lifting heavy goods such as water buckets or ration items is not a good idea and should be avoided during pregnancy especially from the 4th or 5th week of pregnancy.

3. Hot Tubs and Saunas

Relaxing in a warm bath may seem ideal if you’re experiencing body aches and pains during your pregnancy. Besides, hot tubs can cause unusually high body temperature or hyperthermia which may lead to congenital defects.

Additional activities such as hot yoga or Pilates, hard exercise, exposure to severe heat, and excessive sunbathing may raise the body temperature.

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4. Certain Medications

During pregnancy, women should avoid taking over-the-counter (OTC) medicines like ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including pain killer, cold & flu medicines, and herbal medication might damage the fetus.

It is necessary to consult with your Gynaecologists before taking any over-the-counter (OTC) medication.

5. Sitting Or Standing For Too Long

It’s not a good idea to sit or stand in one posture for too long during pregnancy. It can cause a variety of issues, including swelling ankles and nerve damage. If you’ve been sitting for a long time, or if you’re on your feet or putting your legs up, it’s a great way to take frequent short breaks to move around.

6. Litter Box

If you are pregnant, you must be avoided changing and cleaning kitty litter boxes and, dirty litter boxes as these litter boxes might expose a person to toxoplasmosis, a rare parasite disease. You must wear gloves and wash your hands immediately.

7. Stilettos

Sandals with 3-inch heels or less are fine to wear but, stilettos, kitten heels, and platform heels are not safe to wear during pregnancy. Your center of gravity changes due to your belly expanding. In such a situation, wearing high heels make you feel a little wobbly on your feet. With swollen ankles on top of that, you may feel more comfortable in your flip-flops.

8. Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke can be harmful to you and your unborn baby as it is the same as direct smoking. Exposure to second-hand smoke has about 4,000 toxicity, which can risk of abortion, premature labour, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome. So, be careful with second-hand smoking and keep yourself away from such surroundings during pregnancy.

9. Wet Paint or Painting

Some modern house painting or exposure to paint fumes are unlikely to damage your unborn child but solvent-based paint and older paintwork a slightly increased risk of damage to your unborn child. As a result, when pregnant, you should avoid applying solvent-based paint and stripping paintwork.

10. X-rays

X-ray radiation reaches the fetus, it is related to the stage of pregnancy, can be dangerous to the baby’s health but, the risk of necessary X-ray is better than the risk of radiation. But if they are unnecessary should be avoided.

If you are in pregnancy and are thinking of practicing safety measures, you must follow the list present here.

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