NEP 2020 Pros and Cons, New Education Policy Details, Highlights Summary


NEP 2020 Pros and Cons, New Education Policy Details, Highlights Summary: NEP-The National Educational Policy 2020 is one bold step that the central government of India and team PM Narendra Modi has taken for bringing a better chance in education which is imparted right from kindergarten till university. There are so many details that have already been reported in the press. Here we shall learn more about the pros and drawbacks of the NEP in the masters and UG educational field. No doubt that such a plan talks more about the transformational reforms in India that shall be majorly taking place in the Education sector. They are even appreciated by many people. But along with it comes the criticism that focuses mostly on the drawbacks of this new educational policy.’

New Education Policy (NEP 2020) by Modi Government- Pros and Cons
New Education Policy (NEP 2020) by Modi Government- Pros and Cons

New Education Policy (NEP 2020) Pros

Exit And Entry:

One of the primaries yet the most complex change that has been possible with it is to leave the college at any point in time. This would not just let the students make the decision on how much to study but also would allow them to understand when the right time for them to study is. Suppose, a student may have to start with the work after 4 semesters but have the right and also the ability to again go back at the later time for completing their education and be graduate with a degree of 4 years. This fits so nicely with the regular learning of the adults where people can always get knowledge throughout their life. This shall also allow the students to be positive for learning what has been trending in the marketplace.

Bal Bhavans Establishment:

Bal Bhavans is one kind of boarding school that would require active participation in different activities associated with career, play, and even art. This boarding school is also excited to be established in every district or state of India.

Education At A Broad Level

The students will get the benefits of having the education at the border base with the help of a multidisciplinary institution. Now you may wonder how it can be so important. Well, it has been noted that students in India often focus on the subject matter at an early stage no matter whether it is medicine, engineering, or even law. They tend to miss out on exposure to other life aspects like music, humanities, and arts. Keeping this generic consciousness in mind, the students will get the platform of multidisciplinary learning and explain their thinking abilities and learning scope.

Make Students Ready For Pandemic Situations:

Since the use of online academics will soon be common, at least it would help the students be prepared for the situation that is likely to happen in the future which of course would be the pandemic cruises. This way there will be better flexibility for the students to learn from any corner of the world.

Understanding How To Learn

Students will have to shift from learning by focusing on the learning ways to learn. They will be able to grasp the learning process and how to integrate viewpoints differently. This way they shall be able to make their responsive as per the changing environment and get better inputs too. The students need to create their thinking process for dealing against the uncertainty which in the real world happens quite a lot.

As per the national educational policy of the year 2020, the Multidisciplinary Education and Research Universities will merge with the IITs and IIMs. They soon shall be ready for the setup to introduce the multidisciplinary academic that can best for the kids.

New Education Policy (NEP 2020) Cons

Along with the perks come drawbacks too and that is what has been shared below.

Dynamic System Requirement:

The world constantly changes and the teaching processes curriculum and even the institution have to be dynamic so that they can walk with the developments. This of course is not going to be so easy and manageable as some changes may not be known before only. With technology use and AI machine learning tools have been started by the government. However, NEP has still not clearly or stressed the fact that how all these things are going to take place.

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Language Barrier:

National Education Policy 2020 holds language as a negative factor. There can be a problematic ratio of teacher to student in India. That is why introducing the mother languages for every subject in the National Education Policy 2020 can be trouble, Often, finding a competent teacher can also be challenging. Other than this with NEP 2020 introduction, bringing out every single study material in the mother language is a tough thing.

Relevant Job Opportunities

Even if the professors would want the students to learn and enjoy the learning phase but the reality is most of the students eventually will have to focus on the education that shall pay well. For these smooth processes, the job scope during every entry and exit point has to be planned quite well in advance. This way students can have a better approach since they decide on when it is time to exit the academic system.

The Gap Between The Societies Sections

As per the national education policy 2020, those students who will be in the private school shall only be introduced to the English language at much early age as compared to the students who will be learning from the government school. Their syllabus at the academic level will be taught in many respective regional languages of the Government school. This can be unfair and one major policy drawback since it would increase the discomfort of many students to communicate in English and thus increase the gap between the societies sections.

It is in the hands of the youngsters completely to plan their future. While there are few unknowns but the future will of course be bright. Students at least will be prepared for better before they are in college and thus they shall have better opportunities which they can use for exploring their interest and follow the passion while learning with enthusiasm.

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