Preparation Tips for JEE Mains Exam


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the JEE every year as a prerequisite for admissions in the numerous engineering colleges in the country. Previously, CBSE conducted AIEEE and IIT JEE for admissions and now, JEE mains and JEE advanced replaced the respective exams.

JEE mains is taken by over 12 lakh engineering aspirants and is considered as one of the most competitive exams in the country. The scores are required to shortlist candidates for JEE advanced. So, engineering aspirants need to be well prepared and confident in order to ace the mains exam easily.

In this article, some crucial preparation tips for JEE mains exam are given to help the aspirants prepare for the exam in a more efficient way.

  • Know the Syllabus & Strategize

It is very important to know the syllabus and check for the important topics. JEE mains mostly includes topics from class 11 and 12 syllabi. After checking the syllabus properly, strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. It is also suggested to create a timetable and stick to it.

  • Practice Properly

JEE includes several numerical questions in the paper. One has to practice questions properly to be able to solve them. It is also important to solve different questions variations in order to tackle any type of questions in the exam.

  • Revise Periodically

Without revising periodically, the memory retention decreases and it might affect the JEE preparation negatively. So, it is very crucial to finish a chapter and revise it periodically to keep the concepts retained for a longer time.

  • Take & Analyze Mock Tests

Mock tests play a major role in the self-analysis. By properly analyzing the mock tests, one can also get properly acquainted with the exam and devise time-management and test-taking strategies accordingly.

  • Solve Sample & Question Papers

Solving sample papers can acquaint a student to understand different questions variations and it is suggested to learn shortcuts and implement them while solving sample questions. Apart from sample papers, it is also important to solve previous year JEE question papers as it helps to get well-versed with the type and difficulty of the JEE questions.

With these aforementioned tips, student can easily prepare for JEE mains and secure a good score to get eligible for JEE advanced. After JEE mains, students are suggested to check JEE mains rank predictor to get an approximate prediction of their overall rank.

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