– Exposing Fake News On Internet is a great initiative towards exposing fake news online with truth and original facts. This website has been started by Mr. Pratik Sinha with clear vision to stop market of fake news on internet being used for personal benefits or planned political agenda. is a totally independent organization without any connection from political partly or any business houses, organization totally run on donation given by website readers only.

As we all know in the world of internet every news you see on your TV screen, Facebook, Twitter or any websites is not true all the time. And in our country there is no such active organization which identify and let us know which viral news is true of false from immediate effect and here website like is fighting against fake news alone without any governmental support but founder Mr. Pratik Sinha and teams work is appreciated by many people and journalist like Ravish Kumar (NDTV). - Exposing Fake News On Internet

Till now has exposed many fake news on internet which has been spread and broadcasted live by many big TV channels/media houses. exposed “fake breaking news by Times Now about arrest of Nirav Modi in Hong Kong” (Read full article – With This Link).

Altnews also exposed how India Today circulates old videos of Kohli, Akshay Kumar as messages on Kathua & Unnao rape case (Read full article).

Some of the people also spread “Asifa fake last video and try to claim unrelated old video to be last video of Kathua rape victim” but exposed the reality of this video (Read full article).

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