Omicron Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions, Effective Vaccines



Omicron Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions, Effective Vaccines: This new variant of COVID-19 was first discovered on November 11, 2021, in Botswana and November 14, 2021, in South Africa. It was reported to the World Health Organization for the first time after the Delta variant of Corona Virus. On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization classified the Omicron, Novel Variant of Corona Virus.

The Omicron virus more transmissible in comparison to the Delta variant has rapidly spread to other nations across the world and indicating that it is very contagious. However, the new variant’s severity is still unknown, and scientists and WHO teams from entire the world are doing research.

Omicron Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions, Effective Vaccines
Omicron Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions, Effective Vaccines

The new variant of Covid-19 cases in India- In just 24 hours, India has reported 9,419 new Covid-19 cases and 159 fatalities. For the past 13 days, the daily increasing cases have been fewer than 10,000. In the past 165 days, it has been less than 50,000. The number of active cases has increased to 94,742. The nation’s current recovery rate is 98.36%, the highest since March 2020.

Major Symptoms of Omicron

The symptoms of Omicron variants are quite different. There are three major symptoms of Omicron that have mostly been observed in patients so far and that is-

  • Headache,
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Body ache

Some symptoms were visible after being infected with Delta, such as difficulty breathing, high fever, weakness, a lack of food taste and scent. However, this is not the case with Omicron at all. It’s unclear whether the Omicron virus causes more serious conditions than infections caused by other variants like Delta.

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What Safety Measures Should Be Taken?

You must continue to take the same as before.

  • The most effective way masks protect us in the terms of protection, it’s necessary to mask yourself that protection against all varieties.
  • If you haven’t yet taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, get both vaccination doses as soon as possible.
  • Keep social distance, use sanitizer frequently and get as much ventilation as possible.
  • Maintain proper nutrition and hydration
  • As soon as you see any symptoms, you should be tested and isolated. This is the only method to stop the virus from spreading.

Will Vaccines Be Effective Against Omicron?

Vaccines against other variations, such as Delta, have proven to help reduce severe disease, hospitalizations, and death. Currently, COVID-19 vaccinations, that are successful in preventing serious diseases like the Omicron virus. No proof existing vaccinations do not work on Omicron, some Spike gene mutations may reduce the efficacy of existing vaccines.

Medical experts, on the other hand, believe that the vaccines are effective on the new variant thus far. Because those who have been vaccinated have just mild symptoms. They also claim that the Omicron virus is lighter than the Delta variant at the primary health care level. The variant is still in its early stages, and few patients have been hospitalized. Scientists are now investigating Omicron, including how fully vaccinated people would be protected from viruses.

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