Most Easy & Simple Mehndi Designs


Super Easy, Simple and Beautiful Mehndi Designs at Home: Henna mehndi designs have become very popular trends these days and women and girls decorate their hands and feet with mehndi designs on all auspicious and festive events. Occasions like, weddings, eid, karwa chouth, Diwali, navaratra etc. all call for mehndi application but these days young women prefer simpler designs which are beautiful and unique. The designs of mehndi have become more adorns and elaborate with time, with people getting more creative.

1. Intricate Paisley Henna Design

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

Paisleys design is the most popular pattern in mehndi designs. This very difficult design has a paisley as its focus and lots of lean strokes and swirls around it to look beautiful and attractive.

2. Vines Mehendi Design

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

A flower free mehndi design which looks similarly wonderful and the best part of it is simple and even beginners can give it a try. You can make this design on front and back both sides of the hands.

3. Simple And Pretty  Mehendi Design For Back Of Hands

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

No complicated patterns but such a dazzling elegant mehndi design. A cluster of little solid flowers and swirl leaves make this design beautiful and different too. You can try this when you have less time on hand.

4.The Split Mandala

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

A split mandala mehndi design is usually the central focus of design. With half of the round pattern on one hand, and the other half on the another hand, the design is beautifully symmetrical.

5.The Lace Glove

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

This lacy design is different from most of the other designs and is one of the latest bridal mehndi design. It uses many common patterns such as petals to finishing touch with lacy glove look. This minimal pattern focuses on the wrists, which looks the most delicate and elaborate part of the design.

6.The Lacy Floral Design

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi Designs

The flowers are generally regarded as the essence of feminity. The lacy floral design is one of the most Famous mehndi designs. The flowers on the hands, with their deep orange-red mehndi stain, can wow you with the simple yet graceful design.

7. Colored Mehendi Design

Most Easy & Simple Mehendi DesignsThe colored mehndi design is pretty a new concept. The different colors put out, making the design more beautiful. Though this is not a traditional design, many women are experimenting with this to flaunt something special on their wedding day.

Hope you liked all the mehndi designs. Which ones are you setting up to try out? Share your views in the comments box below.

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