Do you really need to invest in bitcoin? Pros & Cons


In the modern world that we are living in these days, the world of tokenization is growing at a faster pace. Talking of which, bitcoin is one virtual currency that has gained popularity right after it emerged in the market. This token is controlled by the network of decentralized users and is not really associated with the authorities of central banking and even the national government. Bitcoin is considered similar to a traditional currency like the U.S Dollar. It has a value just like other currencies and physical goods as well.

Understanding the working of Bitcoin:

This type of cryptocurrency is supported by a particular code of source that uses a complex algorithm. It prevents the duplication or even the creation of unauthorized units of the bitcoin. There are certain underlying principles of the code which is also called cryptography. It is based on the advanced principles of Maths and computer engineering. It works using certain features that most other created cryptocurrencies also uses.

Do you really need to invest in bitcoin? Pros & Cons
Do you really need to invest in bitcoin? Pros & Cons

Is Bitcoin Investment Risky?

You must have heard so many speculative investments. Well, bitcoin is one of them. It is known to have many known risks especially the probability of the price dropping at a great rate or the risk of hacking or chasing down the hard drive which can wipe out the entire bitcoin stash without any recourse. There have been dramatic price run-ups which along with some crashes that bitcoin have noticed. But it has also managed to get back to a certain portion on the certain gains whenever it planned. Post its inception, bitcoin is considered to be the 1 digital asset that has beget the crypto current ecosystem.

Pros of Bitcoin Investments

If we have a look at the Bitcoin performance, well it has been quite overwhelming no matter whether it has been used as an investment or currency. It has also managed to grab the attention of many institutional and traditional investors. Being an investment tool, Bitcoin offers advantages over traditional approaches such as:

  • Liquidity:

In terms of liquid investment, well it is one of the most incredible options across the world that you can choose amongst the trading platforms. Be it the online brokerages or exchanges, bitcoin has been on the top. Besides, you can trade this taken for an asset such as gold or even for cash with low fees. Since it has high liquidity, it is considered to be an ideal investment option if you wish to earn a profit for a short period.

  • Low risk of inflation:

You must have seen currencies that the government regulates. In the case of bitcoin, it is quite a difference since it has been provided to be immune to inflation. The blockchain source is quite informal and hence you don’t have to worry about the crypto that may lose value.

  • New changes:

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading is quite young. There are so many new coins that have become a mainstream on regular basis. Since the newness is said to be an unpredictable swing in terms of volatility and price, there is a huge choice for new opportunities that can give you better gains.

Cons of Bitcoin Investments

Even if this can be the monetary exchange future, but you must make yourself aware of the concerns associated with such investment. Talking of which there is some possible risk such as:

  • Volatility

Bitcoin price shall always ripple forth and back. If you purchase bitcoin say by December 17, in the year 2017 the price was $20,000. However, after a few weeks, it was such a price that you could have made an investment or sell it for more than $7,051. Since the market of bitcoin is changing and is unpredictable, there is extremely less return on investment you can expect.

  • Online Hacking:

Hacking is another threat for a Bitcoin investor. Although you can sell and invest in crypto using a website that eventually increases the risk of theft and hacking of your investment since FDIC has not insured it.

  • No specific regulations:

The market of bitcoin does not have any regulations. It has also not been taxed or there is no government putting a clear stance. Due to this, you are at major risk of malpractice and fraud.

Final verdict:

If you are planning to make an investment in such currency that is outside the regulation of government then you must first classify your investment whether it is a high risk of huge reward portfolio. You need to understand the fact that such new technology relies on the philosophy called “buyer beware” when it comes to investment.

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