Degrees of Importance – Things To Know

Life was and is pretty grim for those who are born into the family who believe doctor or engineer are the only professions worth following and anything else may as well be a dialog of futility . The days go by without people realising the lack of decent MBA or engineering degree in their lives and their increasing resistance to the betterment of their academic  and financial achievements, woe is to be a graduate today and not possess a graduation degree or thing of the sort while one tries to find employment in the old India with its political doctrine and traditionalist roots (at least in country anyway )so the best occurrence that the unthinking human can think about a return to grace that he has shunned in favour of being in his safe space. All the while he /she may postulate that they were wise in thinking not writing these hard and unlikeable entrance exams like JEE MAIN and SRMJEEE 2018.

The only thing to avoid is the stagnation which holds the people back from achieving their dream and “to be the greatest they can be” (forgive the out of the place army plug) to this end MBA and engineering is the best cure for your stagnation which plagues every “salary man” and it is dangerous (metaphorically)as an odourless nerve agent. But reader being the reader you must be thinking ,”I have the time, youth or money for anything else.

Why MBA or engineering? well, my ignorant and compulsive paragraph skipping, friend. All other pursuits ends with you staring blankly into a wall or contemplating the meaning of life as your youth and time gets spent on frivolous pursuits which then ends with baseless excitement, the same as a drug abuser enjoys, before the itching starts again our fathers lived a different life than the rest of us says  anyone born after 1980.

Back then a degree or a recommendation would have gotten people into a job. Sure the  government  jobs were hard to get but hey life was easier back then. But now it’s not the honeymoon period of academia is over with the “only need to pass” thrown out with the need to get more than anyone else in the whole world (India) being the norm, the relentless pursuit of the imaginary rainbow therein which exist the coveted big “know it all “crown. MBA and engineering degree is the lifeline providing skill and management views which help in the long run and helps in procuring better pay and more exposure than your regular graduation degree. Take the story of any successful businessman or woman most (if not all) have business degrees or engineering degrees which helps people understand what people want and then implement what they understood from research in their business the successful type of people. So to summarize the right tool get the job done in this case an MBA or engineering degree.

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