7 Common Menstruation Cycle Myths In India

7 Common Menstruation Cycle Myths In India: There are various myths regarding the menstruation cycle in Indian societies that are false but, still, women and girls face several restrictions during menstruation periods.

Here are 7 common myths about the menstruation cycle:

Myth No 1- Period Blood Is dirty

For many years, it’s saying that the blood that comes out during menstruation is dirty. It is just a myth. Although it differs from blood flowing through veins, blood coming out during periods is normal. Due to the tissue, cells, and oestrogen hormone, the fragments of blood and protein layer, all of these substances accumulated in the uterus before menstruation. As they are no longer required, they flow out of the vagina in the form of menstrual blood.

Myth No 2- Exercise should not do during periods

A woman should not exercise or participate in strenuous activities when she is on her period but, there’s no reason to avoid exercise unless you are experiencing severe cramps. According to health professionals, doing cardio activities like walking, running, dancing, or swimming during menstruation generates chemicals that help prevent pain and minimise cramping.

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Myth No 3- Worship should refrain during menstruation

Even still in India, women and girls are not allowed to perform worship, engage in religious ceremonies, visit temples during periods as menstruating women are impure but this is incorrect. However, it is unfortunate that people in India still believe this myth to be true.

Myth No 4- Females should refrain from cooking when menstruating

Menstruation does not prevent females from going about their basic works. During her period, a woman can cook and can do other activities. She only needs to maintain personal hygiene.

Myth No 5- Periods should last a week

Every woman’s body is unique, and it works differently.  Thus each woman’s menstrual cycle is distinct and changes continue to occur throughout this cycle according to their age. Some women have shorter menstrual cycles than others, while others have long menstrual periods.

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Myth No 6- Head should not be washing during periods

Menstruation has nothing to do with bathing, head washing, or personal grooming. Another common myth is that washing one’s hair lowers menstrual flow. Even if you take a bath twice a day instead of one, you will have less cramping during your period and will feel better.

Myth No 7- It is essential to avoid certain foods

Another common myth is that women should avoid eating sour foods during their periods. It has not been found from any scientific research that eating sour food during periods causes harm. Women must eat a balanced diet during the time.

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