Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Non-Vegetarian



Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Non-Vegetarian: There are two categories of people in the world- those who refuse to consume non-vegetarian food and those who know that if they do not eat meat or fish for even a day, their lives would be tough. Some nutrients are especially found in non-vegetarian foods which are essential for good health, while a vegetarian diet lacks them. Similarly, there are several advantages to eating non-vegetarian food that is critical to your overall health. So, let’s look at the benefits & disadvantages of being a non-vegetarian.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Non-Vegetarian

Advantages Of Being Non-Vegetarian

Food Variation

A person who eats meat and related dishes has a vast variety of foods to select from. There are a lot of varieties like Chicken, red meat such as lamb, goat, beef, seafood such as fish, lobster, prawns, shrimps, crabs, etc. and eggs are examples of non-vegetarian foods. Moreover, the person who eats non-veg food gets benefits from all sides. He enjoys eating non-veg as well as vegetarian food.

Rich in Protein

Protein consumption is critical for good physical and mental development. Medical studies have shown that protein acquired from animals is superior to protein obtained from plants such as pulses and milk.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Non-vegetarians can reap the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found only in seafood. It is the most significant benefit of being a non-vegetarian, whereas vegetarians cannot get these benefits while it is essential to keep our hearts healthy. According to a study, Omega 3 acids also proved to protect a person from serious illnesses such as cancer.

Sharpen Your Mind

Children who have been fed fish since birth have a sharper brain than children who have never eaten fish. Eating fishes such as salmon, tuna, other pond fishes, and sea fishes are non-vegetarian foods rich in Omega 3, protein, and vitamin A, which aid with brain sharpness.

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Better Health And Fitness

Non-Veg food like meat, chicken, and fish, as well as eggs, keep your body warm, protect your body from the cold and wind throughout the winter. Vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and minerals included in eggs and fish are beneficial to our overall health. Chicken, fish, and other meats rich in nutrients that aid in the treatment of many immunity disorders

Disadvantages Of Being Non-Vegetarian

  • Being a non-vegetarian, excessive meat consumption has been linked to risk of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disorders, cancer, and weight gain.
  • Some farm animals, such as broiler chickens, are raised in unhygienic conditions, eating such food can cause health problems such as stomach pain and intestinal diseases.
  • Non-vegetarian food has a higher risk of constipation and bloating issues.
  • Concentration harmed by non-vegetarian eating. It also makes you more furious and lustful.
  • Non-vegetarian food has more protein, which makes digestion more challenging.
  • Switching from a vegetarian to a non-vegetarian diet is never recommended.
  • Many drugs antibiotics are usually supplied to maintain¬†farm animals, and these chemicals reach the food chain and human bodies through non-vegetarian foods, potentially causing immune system disorders.
  • Excessive eating of non-veg foods items, such as red meat and other meat, raises cholesterol levels in the body, perhaps leading to steroid hormone imbalance.
  • The most significant disadvantage of non-vegetarian eating is the prevalence of violence in humanity.
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  1. is good for the physical and mental development of the body, which is crucial for well-being. A medical study shows that animal protein is superior to protein obtained from plant-based foods, such as pulses


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