Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos become riches man in the world for a time

Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of Amazon, overtook Bill Gates on 27 July 2017 to become the richest man in the world, with a net worth of $90 billion but get down to the third position in the list of richest person the world very soon due to a sudden drop in the Amazon stock.

The latest surge in Amazon share has sent Bezos’ good fortune to over $90 billion for a time, pushing him past Bill Gates. Although he has been a millionaire for more than two decades, his prosperity has increased in the last two years. Bezos may not only be the rich man in the world today — he might become the richest person ever,  At his peats Gates has valued $90 billion money, tagging the biggest single individual lot of money ever. With little indication that Amazon’s impetus may be slowing, Bezos could well be the first 12-digit man, value $100 billion money one day.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos become riches man in the world for a time

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Jeff Bezos – Bezos was born in Albuquerque, South America, New Mexico, in 1964. He keeps a relatively low profile but has utilized some of the prosperity, he has accumulated to buy the Washington Post and spend money on space travel through Blue Origin, an organization he established in 2000.

Bezos started Amazon in 1994 when he sold books from his garage area in Dallas before growing into a large range of other products and hooking the global speed to online shopping. Amazon now accounts for 43 percent of everything sold on online in the US and 64 million people have signed up for its Prime service – which gives access to free deliveries and video streaming. Amazon stocks have increased this year making the organization worth more than $500bn.

According to a real-time billionaires directory compiled by Forbes, the rise pushed the value of Bezos’s fortune to $91bn compared with Bill Gates’ wealth of $90bn. Their riches are calculated on the share prices of their respective firms and at the current values, Bezos’s share is twice as big as carmaker Ford. The closing share price of Amazon and Microsoft on Thursday will figure out Microsoft’s shares were down on Thursday while Bezos cements his place at the top of the league.

Amazon has now expanded above retailing. It now sells cloud computing services to many of businesses ranging from Netflix to the UK’s ministry of justice. It also makes TV shows and the Echo smart speaker, which allows users to speak to Alexa, an electronic personal helper.

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