Pros and Cons of Having Alcohol During Pregnancy


Alcohol During Pregnancy – Pros and Cons: There is no right time or benefits or safe to drink alcohol during pregnancy because there is a chance that wine or any other types of alcohol will harm the growing foetus, medical specialists advise against consuming alcohol while pregnant. It is preferable to stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Find out here what other drawbacks it has.

Pros and Cons of Having Alcohol During Pregnancy
Pros and Cons of Having Alcohol During Pregnancy

 Pros: How much alcohol is good to consume when pregnant?

  • If you don’t know you’re pregnant and find out after drinking alcohol for a while, stop drinking right away so there’s less chance the baby may be harmed.
  • According to experts, drinking more alcohol increases the risk to the foetus. The newborn is most harmed by binge drinking, which is the continuous or intermittent use of high amounts of alcohol.

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  • The risk of miscarriage, early labour, and stillbirth increases when alcohol is consumed during pregnancy. The risk of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders which include behavioural, mental, physical, and developmental issues, is also raised.
  • During pregnancy, if the mother consumes alcohol, then the weight of the child born in her womb decreases significantly at the time of birth and it also has a bad effect on the child’s brain.
  • Although non-alcoholic beer includes small amounts of alcohol, your unborn baby won’t likely be harmed by the glass of it. But, it is crucial that you exercise extreme caution and abstain from all alcohol use while pregnant.
  • Instead of taking alcohol-free drinks, you can add fresh orange juice cranberry, grapefruit or apple juice for a new taste. Fresh, non-alcoholic beverages like milk, coconut water, or freshly squeezed fruit juices are more recommended since they give you and your growing child the nutrients you need.

Cons of Having Alcohol During Pregnancy

  • Having alcohol throughout any of the three trimesters—first, second, or third—is never a good idea for your unborn child.
  • When a woman drinks, the alcohol passes via the bloodstream to the placenta, where it affects the developing foetus. It only takes around 2 hours for the foetus’ blood alcohol level to match the mother’s after a pregnant woman drinks alcohol. Therefore, the best course of action is to immediately cease drinking alcohol once you find out you are pregnant.

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  • Alcohol in whatever amount stays in the foetus’ bloodstream for a longer period than it does in the mother because the metabolism of alcohol in the foetus is slower than that of the mother. Therefore, if a pregnant mother drinks alcohol, the foetus is exposed to alcohol for a considerable amount of time.
  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy not only increases the chance of miscarriage, and premature birth but also leads to heart defects in the unborn child.
  • Your baby’s birth may still have an effect on it. The severe condition known as foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is more likely to develop in your unborn child if you drink while pregnant.

Conclusion: Alcohol should be absolutely avoided by pregnant mothers and those attempting to conceive until after the baby is born. There is just no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, despite conflicting recommendations.

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