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Nithyashree Venkataramanan Biography, Real Name, Age, Personal Details

Nithyashree Venkataramanan Biography, Real Name, Age, Personal Details: Nithyashree Venkataramanan is the gorgeous and beautiful participants of Indian idol junior season 2015. She became the popular female singer in very short time. She has the melodious and unique voice. She got popularity on singing show “Indian idol junior” where she got too much appreciation from the judges. She gave the brilliant performance every week on the stage. Her fans and song lover’s love her each and every performance. Lots of people started searching about her full biography and want know about her other information after IIJ 2015. So you can read this post, we are going to share complete information about Nithyashree Venkataramanan.

Nithyashree Venkataramanan completed her basic education from her hometown and continuing her higher education from Chennai. She started singing at the age of 4 yeas only and take musical training to become a professional singer.

Nithyashree Venkataramanan Biography|Wiki|Real Name|Hobbies|Age

Nithyashree Venkataramanan Personal details

  • Name: Nithyashree Venkataramanan
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1999
  • Age: 16 years
  • Birth place: Chennai
  • Occupation: Singer, Live performer
  • About her profession: Started singing at the age of 4
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Hobbies: Music, Dancing, Racing
  • Currently: Indian Idol Junior 2015
  • Language: Hindi, English, Tamil


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  1. love u all

  2. nityashreee vanakkam. NAAN UNNAI KADHALIKIRAIN

    1. naan matum dhan unna love panra nithya

  3. Who is her boyfriend ? Please tell us

  4. Plz dear can u contact me ? My sister loved one of ur dress.. that white skirt and grey top.. its awesome… i need it… so if u have purchased online can u share it with me ? I’ve to gift it …

    1. Nityashreee i love u singing…

  5. your singing is kalkalerke rombalal erke

  6. Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Loves You Most,
    Sometimes You Hold The Ones Who Leave You Lost,
    And Sometimes, You Learn But It’s Too Late

  7. nithyashree you don,t know but i love you do you love me.

  8. dear nithyashree
    my favourite singer nithya in life again success and success.god bless you………your singing is good and my herat touching .so beautiful harmony and no soor connection is good….i love my lovey baby………..i wish in future good play back singer…………in your voice god gift………thaks my dear……

    1. Hlo nityashree ji i want to sing like u i am ur fan and all the best for ur future

  9. I really proud of you Nityashree…… I know that You are Best singer in Indian Idol Junior…..

  10. you are knowlegbele person please try in bollywood
    hindi playback .i love to listen to your songs you are
    best entertainer, try to give abroad shows

  11. I am so Big fan of indian idol junior 2015 & mostfully nithyashree

  12. Nitya is a so bright future singer……

  13. nithyashree sang a song is very good but you know nithya when the sing a song was perfect line to delevery and note to soor……..very welldone nithya..i hope you to your life successsfull playback singer.

  14. My favorite singer is Shreya Ghosal , because she is melodi queen and after her , you are my favorite singer . You are gorgeous & beautiful and your voice is so Sweet & Unique.

  15. I love you dear if u converted Islam I will merry you

  16. I type in Bhojpuri
    ..bada nik lagal tohar gana
    Aa..haa aisahiye zila javar tola mohala hilaavat rahiyaaa..

  17. Paani see pyaas nahi buji ………..
    To main khane ki taraf chal bass………
    Sochaa shikaayat karu Teri khuda see……
    Par khuda bhi teraa ashiqe ban baita…….

    loVe yOu all the best your future……plz reply meeee…….

  18. Kahte hai nhi…suna hai *(OM SHANTI OM me)* Kisi chij ko dil se chaho to…poori kaynaat use tum se milane ki koshish krti hai….

    pta nhi sch v hai ya nhi .. Let’s see …..


  19. Âlønê ßøý SRN


  20. Âlønê ßøý SRN


  21. I really luv u…. nitya# u ar my heart…

  22. I really luv u…. nityashree….

  23. dear nithyashree
    my favourite singer nithya in life again success and success.god bless you………your singing is good and my herat touching .so beautiful harmony and no soor connection is good….i love my lovey baby………..i wish in future good play back singer…………in your voice god gift………thaks my dear…… Please Reply me…………

  24. I love your all songs nityashree & I am a big big big big big big big big big big big big big big fan from West Bengal.& I

  25. nice nithyashree me aapka bahut bda fen hu

  26. You’re so beautiful
    Love you so much
    You’re best singer

  27. chandreshkumarpokar

    hi, you are the world best singer….

  28. i want talk with you plz…
    for 2m. plzzzzz.

  29. God bless u ..nitu

  30. Vannakkam nithya didi.
    I am harshit mishra presently in my 11 th BPC.

    I write to you to thank you for helping me iny life indirectly and directly.How and when you may think. Well I will tell you in detail when I will meet soon enough.
    Just remember my name so that I donot be a total stranger

    Hope you sore up yoyr summit, cobtonue the excellent work you did and you do, and I wish you all the very best for your future and congratulations for your achievements and successes tilldate.

    Your fan
    Harshit Mishra

  31. Hello there Nithya didi. I am Harshit Mishra, one of your fans. Presently I am in my 1st year BPC.

    Your singing has helped me in my life both directly and indirectly.How? When? etc… I cannot summarized now. but just remember this name “HARSHIT MISHRA” because one day in the near future I will come to meet you and thank you for the help and entertainment that you have given me through your voice and smiles and at that time I will tell you how I was influenced by you.

    donot forget my name.
    until then,
    Harshit Mishra.

  32. Love u dear so much

  33. Hi dude…..I like u so much..ur the best singer in this age ur very brilliant…..I want ur frdship …but u cnt contact me….but I cmt fr u in this page….I feel happy….ni innum periya periya songs padi ni periya singleahh varuva…my wishes to u da….miss u lot …..

  34. Ni nalla varuva ma …padiyea kavuthura eallarayum….but UN contact kidaicha promisely to say my happy Ness is end less in my life….miss u da

  35. nitya I love your your voice and I need some tips for voice…
    nitya love u….

  36. Hello there nithya didi,
    HARSHIT MISHRA here. Hope you didnot forget.

    Wish you a very very very happy and sucessful new year.
    Hope you soar up to a larger extent this year and learn from the 2016 that has become history today.

    until then,
    harshit mishra

  37. Hi Songs

  38. I want to listen only songs which are sang by u i become what i say

  39. Love you Nithyashree

  40. Wawa bahut atchi ganna gati ho tum

  41. nityashree aapki aawaj bohot hi unique hain, aap koi bhi bohot hi aasani se gaa leti hain

    aapka Maine ek gaana sauna tha fitoor dil
    woh gaana aise gaaya ki woh aap ke life she juda ho

    ummid hain mai agar music composer bana to pehla aapke saat hi record karunga

  42. hmmmm
    kabab me haddi..
    she is mine….


  44. actually.. nitu am ur big fan.I am a Bangladeshi.
    don’t talk anythink..
    just am your big big big big fan…

  45. I really like your voice ,all the best

  46. I am still listening your indian idol song, i like your voice very much

  47. I miss you nityashree

  48. kya aap bata sakti hai
    kis type ki recing pasand karati ho.and dancing

  49. I love u nithyashree ….
    I really like your voice…..

  50. Hai. I like your voice so much when you are performing in IIJ iam from Kurnool ap

  51. Hi nithyashree my neam Lavesh for mombai i like to your ismaile and u look i love you and my nambar 8698975031 plizzzzzz Call back plizzzzzzzzz ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  52. Like you raj meena

  53. I like you I am your big fan your song….

  54. I love you nityashree

  55. Ashutosh mahapatra

    Lv u. …nitya

  56. luv u 💕💜

  57. Never give up keep on
    U got a great future
    Make singing your yiur satisfaction
    Not buisness.

    May u prosPer more and more

  58. Nice

  59. I love u…….

  60. RaxStar Rebel + Rahul

    I love You

  61. RaxStar Rebel Rahul

    R A yrr sab i love you bol raha hain koi to i love you didi bolo sala sab u k piche hi par geya

    RaxStar Rebal #Dj_Rahul

  62. I am big fan

  63. Nithyashree aapka barama kuch Likh kar kya karu…aap to kabhibhi msg nehi padtiho…celebrity ho islia itni ghamand…lekin ghamand ak insan kye liya accha nehi hya….

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