Sanitary Pads Best Alternative When Out of Sanitary Pads During Periods

Sanitary Pads Alternative When Out of Sanitary Pads During Periods: If you’re on your period and don’t have sanitary pads on handy, you could be worried or even ashamed. But, there are several alternatives when you didn’t carry it during your periods. You can make a temporary pad out of anything, including toilet paper, a towel, or even cotton clothes.

Sanitary Pads Best Alternative When Out of Sanitary Pads During Periods
Sanitary Pads Best Alternative When Out of Sanitary Pads During Periods

So, here’s a list of Sanity pads alternatives you should try:

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper may be a great alternative to sanitary pads for an emergency. They’re easily accessible in most hygienic public restrooms, or you can buy them anywhere from a grocery store to a retail store. Wrap a lengthy piece of toilet paper at least five times around your underpants. It will keep your homemade pad in place and prevent it from sliding. Moreover, women usually keep toilet paper in their handbags or purse, it’s a better choice to use when you don’t have sanitary pads with you.

Paper Towel

Paper towels, if available, are a great alternative to toilet paper and are more absorbent, so you can use them instead of toilet paper when you don’t carry sanitary pads. If you can get paper towels, gather enough and make 1/2 layer thick and roughly the same width and length as a sanitary pad. Put the stack on your underwear’s crotch.

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Cotton handkerchief

If you have a backup pair of clean handkerchiefs on hand, or if you’re carrying a clean towel handkerchief, put the hankie in the crotch of your underpants, then wrap some toilet paper around your underwear to hold the hankie in place. Cotton hankies and towels are designed to be absorbent, so they may work for your period as well.

Period Panties

It is another environmentally friendly alternative to use or carry period panties. Period panties are all washable, which means they’re not only more convenient for certain women but also healthier for the environment. Although period pants may not be readily available near your local stores, they may be found on a variety of websites. This comfortable period/pants underwear has leak-proof technology and maybe also used as a backup for heavier days of your cycle to help you control minor urine leaks.

Cloths pads

Cotton cloths pads are simple to use, long-lasting, and eco-friendly period solution. The cotton layers of the cloth pads are made of waterproof fabric that can be cleaned and reused. Cotton pads are one of the best solutions to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome and are the healthiest easy carry options.

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Also known as Sea Sponge Tampons or Period Sponges, can be used as an alternative to sanitary pads. These natural sponges are simple to use and store in a small handbag; they can also be reused for up to six months. Tampons have also fragrance-free, chemical-free, anti-bleach, and synthetic-free features that may free you from TSS and other diseases.

There are numerous alternatives to sanitary pads, but it’s always a good idea to have at least one or two on hand as your cycle is near because periods can sometimes arrive a day early. Rather than being embarrassed and exposed to searing alternatives, it is much better to carry your own hygiene pad.

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