List of National Holidays in Private Companies in India

List of compulsory national holidays in private companies/organizations in India: India is a country of colors and festivals. There are more than 15000 languages in India with 100+ major religions in 29 states. As per the English calendar from January to December more than 2000 national and local festivals are being celebrated across the country.

At some major festivals, the government of India announces public holidays to all government employees. But the list of holidays in the private institutions is quite different from the government organization.

List of regular mandatory holidays for private companies in India each year:

List of National Holidays in Private Companies in India

Date & Month Holiday Name Leave Type
14 January Makara Sankranti Regional Holiday*
26 January Indian Republic Day National Holiday
March 2016 (1-2 Day) Holi Festival Public Holiday
1 Day (On date) Ram Navami Regional Holiday*
15th August Independence Day National Holiday
1 Day or half-day (On date) Raksha Bandhan Public Holiday
1 Day (On date) Janmashtami/Sri Krishna Jayanti Regional Holiday*
1 Day (On date) Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi Regional Holiday*
02 October Gandhi Jayanti National Holiday
1 Day (On date) Durga Puja / Dussehra Regional Holiday
1 Day (On date) Diwali Public Holiday
25 December Christmas Public Holiday

The above-shown table contains the list of all major public and regional holidays in India (Not for Schools). Regional holidays can differ as per the state government rules about public holidays in that particular state. For a private organization (companies) in India, this list is almost complete for the regular holidays (few companies may change their holiday calendar accordingly). Almost all IT and E-Commerce companies follow the above-shown list every year for the national holiday calendar.

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